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  • What’s the difference between a consultant and a coach?
    Businesses in need of help often find themselves struggling to figure out what coaches and consultants do, and what makes them different from each other. After all, at first glance, they seem like they offer similar services. However, that’s far from reality. Coaches are trained to actively coach businesses on how to become successful and build a better company. They also coach the leader(s) of the business on how to be confident and improve personally to help their professional career. A consultant is more of an advisory type of person—they will consult on various processes and practices within the business to help make improvements and will generally not offer a lot of personal advice or focus on personal growth as much as the business itself. In either case, both can benefit a business in the right situation.
  • Why do I need a business consulting service?
    Typically our clients are experiencing one or more of the following scenarios: • Struggling with challenges or obstacles within their business that is holding their company back from achieving growth and higher profitability • Challenged by scaling their business or developing and implementing a growth plan that actually delivers intended results • The company has outgrown their existing business processes, causing problems with daily operations (errors, increased costs, unreliable results, slower than expected output)
  • What can I expect from the initial call?
    Every potential new client meets with the founder of our company or a managing partner within our firm. This initial consultation is not a sales call, we want to provide full transparency to who we are as a company and have an open dialogue with you to determine how we might help your business. We do not try to be all things to all people, if we don’t believe we can solve your company’s challenges or meet its goals & expectations, then we are going to openly tell you that. Our firm is built on strong values and the belief that ‘our success is achieved by helping you be successful.’
  • Do you work with start-ups?
    Yes, some of our clients are start-ups. If you’re an entrepreneur developing or refining your business model, identifying target markets, defining your brand, mapping your business operations, strategizing your company launch, or seeking expertise in launching your company, then our firm can bring significant impact and expertise to your start-up.
  • Do you write Business plans?
    No, our firm has a team of small business strategists and business growth experts who can help entrepreneurs develop all the key elements needed for a strong business plan, however the actual writing of the business plan is not one of our provided services.
  • What size companies do you work with?
    Our clients range from 2 – 100 employees and from pre-launch start-ups to companies with $15 million dollars in annual revenue.
  • What are you rates?
    We are a fixed price solution provider, who believes in providing ‘value’ to each of our clients and are committed to delivering results. We provide our clients with a cost estimate before beginning any work. No one likes surprises, so we work with our clients to understand their specific business needs and then outline our plan of action and the associated costs to implement those solutions.
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