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4 Ways to Make Your Business Premises Look Better

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Business premises can be incredibly expensive to run, so it’s important to make sure that particular asset is as amazing as it can be.

Your business premises can be a big part of your brand awareness. Often, they’re literally a shop window that tells the world about who you are and what you have to offer. The last thing you need is to be operating out of tired-looking, scruffy premises.

If it has been a while since you last revamped yours, here are some things you should think about doing:

Sort out Your Signage

If your signage is looking old-fashioned, consider updating it. There are many companies, like, that offer internal signage. For example, your opening hours, warning signs, office, and restroom door signs could all be refreshed.

For signage that is exposed to the weather, use a company that provides products made from resilient materials. Buying cheap frontage signs can often end up being more expensive in the long-run. Usually, the sun and rain destroy them after just a few years. You don’t want your bright orange company colors to fade to a dirty brown after just a few years, so it’s worth investing a bit of extra money and buying high-quality signs.

Set up a Proper Reception Area

If clients visit your premises on a fairly regular basis, set up a proper reception area. First impressions really do count, so make sure you make a good one.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Studies show when people have to work in a cluttered environment, it can be very hard for them to focus. Therefore, decluttering is a good idea from a productivity point of view.

In addition, it will also make your business premises look much better. A clean and tidy environment always makes a better impression than a dirty and cluttered one does.

Rather than throw everything in the garbage, see what you can sell. If anything can’t be sold, contact local charities to see if you can make donations of items you no longer need. Even things like old toner cartridges and storage boxes could be of use to someone.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Team

It can be tempting to get your staff to clean their own workspaces, but if at all possible, you should avoid doing this. The results are going to be mixed at best.

Some employees will make a really good effort to keep their workspace clean while others will barely touch their area. You could hire a cleaning professional on your staff or use a local contractor.

If your business premises are located in an office building or mall, make sure the communal areas are maintained properly. You may have to nag your landlord a bit, but this is always worth doing.

Use Advertising to Create Interest and Boost Your Brand

The best type of marketing is the free kind. Your premises are basically a huge advertising opportunity that you own, so investigate ways to use that space.

One of the simplest approaches is to use posters. They’re relatively cheap, and you can change them as things evolve. They’re also a great way to brighten up your premises. You can find out more about using posters to grow and build your brand by here.

4 Ways to Make Your Business Premises Look Better
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