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5 Tips to Make Money With Affiliate Websites

Although I’m a big fan of The Empower Network, there are a few things that, no matter how easy a platform is to use, need to be done before you can make money with affiliate websites.

Have you already started building your sites? Whether you have or not, the tips below will serve as a nice guide or refresher to enhance your online success.

Let’s get to it! Tip #1: Trust Is Critical For Making Money With Affiliate Websites

Although it requires time, one of the best ways to establish trust is to own a website that’s been around for a while.

However, just staying consistent with your writing, content creation, and product promotions can help build trust.

When you constantly blog and interact with your market, you are easier to remember and will be at the front of their minds when the time comes to make a purchase.

Look at your own preference: Chances are you’d buy from someone you hear from on a regular basis, as oppose to someone whom you’ve never encountered at all.

Tip #2 To Make Money With Affiliate Websites: Don’t Just Promote Once

A lot of affiliates tend to write one article or blog post, and expect traffic to flood in to click their affiliate links.

Do you think this would allow someone to make as much money as they could?

Of course not!

If you find a product you plan to promote, you could let your readers know what you’ve found and include a link to the product.

Then, some time later, you might create a video review or write one on your blog, and let everyone know about it.

You could interview the product creator…

You could blog about tips that relate to the product you’re promoting…

Really, there are tons of different ways to create extra content for the products on your affiliate websites.

Tip #3 To Make Money With Affiliate Websites: Keep It Relevant!

Compared to previous times, getting a website up and running is a lot quicker than it used to be… For that reason, if you want to promote products in different niches, why not designate an affiliate website/blog for each niche?

In order to keep your conversions as high as possible, make sure your content, the product you’re promoting, and the audience you’re promoting to are all related.

Tip #4 To Make Money With Affiliate Websites: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

In traditional sales, it’s typically thought that each “no” moves you closer to a “yes”.

Online, the more visitors you drive to your sites, the more chances you are to make a sale.

Kind of obvious, right?

But keep in mind: Just like your content, the traffic you drive should also be targeted to the type of product you’re selling.

Tip #5 To Make Money With Affiliate Websites: Do All Your Promotions Scream “Advertisement!” ?

While you could just get a couple graphics or pre-written e-mails, your conversions are not going to be nearly as great as they could be.

If you can create content that focuses on why you like a product, what you plan to use it for, and how it’s impacted your business or personal life, you’ll create stronger connections with your audience. It also shows that you’re not just grabbing random links and spamming people.

So, if you can (you always can), try to promote products that you use yourself.

Closing Thoughts On How To Make Money With Affiliate Websites

If you can find a product that practically sells itself, is of great quality (and relevant) to your prospects, and is easy to promote, you’ve got a winner.

These three things are why I personally love working with and telling others about The Empower Network.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you might also enjoy the fact that your membership comes with a done-for-you blog you can instantly use to start making money.

For more info, check out the video now.

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