9 Ways Showing You How To Make Money Online For Free From Home

Hi guys, in this article I’m going to be showing you 9 ways on how to make money online from home. Below is the 9 ways I’ll be showing you.

  1. Affiliate marketing

  2. Adsense

  3. Amazons affiliate program

  4. Surveys

  5. Freelancing

  6. YouTube partnership program

  7. Writing articles

  8. Private ads

  9. Selling your own products

1. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product for someone else and if you make a sale for them you’ll receive a commission. It could be 40%, 50%, 60% commission etc…

It’s possible to make a full time income or just an extra bit of cash. You could even get rich with affiliate marketing, but don’t let people fool you, they’ll promise you some software that can allow you to make thousands over night with as little work as possible etc…

They’ll even show you screen shots of their earnings which are probably legitimate but what people don’t realize is that it took them a long time to build their income to that level, it certainly didn’t happen over night.

  1. Here’s a quick action plan of how you can get started.

  2. Sign up for a Clickbank account

  3. Go to the Clickbank marketplace and find a product to promote

  4. Create a WordPress blog

  5. Write an article for your new blog promoting the product from Clickbank.

  6. Search engine optimize the article

  7. Leave your affiliate links throughout the article 3-4 is enough

  8. Drive traffic to your new blog post, you could use YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

2. Google Adsense:

You could sign up for a Google adsense account (which is free) and make money with it by placing ads provided by Google on your website. If the ad gets click by one of your visitors you’ll make money, but not a lot so you’d need a lot of people clicking your ads to make decent money with adsense.

3. Amazons affiliate program:

Amazons affiliate program is the same as affiliate marketing except you’ll be promoting products from Amazon. The percentage of commission you are payed isn’t really that good. Here’s what it is.

(Numer of

products sold) (Percentage you’ll receive)

  1. 1-6 4.00%

  2. 7-30 6.00%

  3. 31-110 6.50%

  4. 111-320 7.00%

  5. 321-630 7.50%

  6. 631-1570 8.00%

  7. 1571-3130 8.25%

  8. 3131+ 8.50%

4. Surveys:

All you need to do is simply fill out a survey and you’ll make money. I don’t really have any experience with surveys so I can’t recommend any survey sites. In my opinion filling out surveys are good for extra cash but I’m not so sure about a full time income.

5. Freelancing:

Freelancing is when people put jobs up online and you can choose to do them for a price. If you have a lot of experience for example in marketing you could go to a freelance website and check out if there’s any projects you’d like to do.

Here’s the names of a few freelancing sites. Amazon Mechanical Turk, Odesk and iFreelance.

6. YouTube partnership program:

You could create a YouTube channel and upload videos to it. When you’re videos has lots of views and you have lots of subscribers you should apply for the partnership program. You’ll need lots of views for example over 200,000 in total.

7. Writing articles:

A good way to make money online is by writing articles for people, if they like the article and approve of it you’ll get payed for the article. Here’s the name of a website where you can do this, iWriter.

8. Private ads:

You could allow people to put ads on your site and charge them for it.

9. Selling your own products:

The last way you could make money online is by selling your own products. You could sell them on ebay or through your own website.

9 Ways Showing You How To Make Money Online For Free From Home

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