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*** Updated November 16, 2019 — All returns as of closing Friday, November 15, 2019 prices.  ***


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Investment newsletters make getting stock market analysis and stock recommendations easy.

But… there are so many newsletters to choose from… how do you know which newsletter provides the best stock recommendations?

I am a huge fan of buying stocks because buying individual companies helps me outperform index funds and beat the market.

How do I beat the market?  I analyze dozens of newsletters and buy the stocks recommended from the best newsletters.

Over the last 30 years, I have subscribed to hundreds of investment and stock newsletters.

These newsletters give me lots of advice and dozens of stock picks each month. But which ones are worth the time and money?

I know you are busy, so below I will rank the Best Stock and Investment Newsletters based on the following criteria:

  1. Percentage return (including dividends) of all of their picks for each calendar year.

  2. Percentage of their stock picks that are winners.

  3. Cost of the newsletter.

  4. Refund policy–Can you get your money back when you cancel?

  5. Customer service–Can you get hold of anyone that will answer a question?

Based on the above criteria, the Best Stock Newsletter of 2018 and so far in 2019 is….

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor ranks as our #1 Best Investment Newsletter for the third year in a row.

Their stock recommendations continue to beat all of the other newsletters and they maintain a very high accuracy of their picks.  Their 24 stock picks from 2018 are up 46% and they have outperformed the market by an average of 30% as of November 15, 2019.  Read that again…  The Motley Fool’s 24 stock picks from 2018 have BEAT THE  MARKET by 30%.  No other newsletter comes close to that.

Keep reading this review and I will tell you ONE FACT that is their most impressive performance statistic.

You may have seen the Motley Fool’ advertisements that their picks are up 367% compared to the market’s 80%.  Is The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor really as good as they claim? Our results, at least since January 2016, suggest YES.

Motley Fool Stock PIcks Returns

Let’s get straight to the important stuff you want to know about this service.

When you subscribe, you will get two new stock recommendations each month and several BEST OF lists of stocks each year.

Each recommendation comes with an in-depth (but easily understood) analysis that tells you why they recommend each stock.

You will also get unlimited access to…

  1. The Motley Fool’s list of “Best Stocks to Buy Now.” Best ideas chosen from all of the picks since the service started.

  2. The Motley Fool’s list of “Starter Stocks that should be in Everyone’s Portfolio.” Stocks that give you an excellent foundation for your portfolio.

  3. Their Knowledge Base and Community. Educational materials that will help you become an expert investor, and message boards to chat with other investors.

So why is it our #1 pick for the Best Investment Newsletter?

  1. Its 2018 performance killed the competition (and beat the market by 30%). Their 24 stock picks from 2018 on average are up 46.25% and have outperformed the SP500 by 30% as of November 15, 2019.  Read that again.  Their 24 stock recommendations from 2018 outperformed the market by 30%. None of the newsletter that we track came close to that performance.

  2. Lots of their stocks doubled or tripled. How did they do so well?  It is because lots of their stocks double or triple in price.  For example, Okta (ticker OKTA) is up 302%, Shopify (SHOP) is up 146% and Paycom Software (ticker PAYC) is up 155% since they recommended them in 2018. Fair Isaac Corp (ticker FICO) is up 109% since they recommended it in February 2018. OKTA (re-recommended) and Shopify (ticker SHOP) are up 180% and 131% since they were re-recommended in April 2018. MA is already up 44% since it was recommended in November 2018. 

  3. Very good success rate. 18 of their 24 picks for 2018 are up. That’s is really good considering the market tanked at the end of 2018.

  4. Their 2019 picks are off to a great start. Their January 2019 pick of Twilio (ticker TWLO) is up 61% since they recommended it. Their February pick APPN is up 74% already, and their other February pick NTDOY  is up 38%.  Their May pick SNPS is up 15%.  Their June and July picks are relatively unchanged.

  5. The price is extremely reasonable AND they offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  Of all the investment newsletters we subscribe to, it also happens to be the least expensive.  They also have a 30 day money-back guarantee .  They are so confident in their service that they encourage you to try it and get their next 2 stock picks–then you can cancel if you aren’t happy and get your money back.  You really have nothing to lose.  Normally it is $199 a year, but they currently have great incentives for new subscribers. —- Click here to access their New Subscribers offer and try their service for just $19.

Based on their performance for the last 3+ years and its current subscription price, the Motley Fool Stock Advisor is the newsletter that I trust the most and the only one that I buy ALL of their picks as soon as they come out.

There is one thing you need to know about their service, however….  Because they have so many subscribers, their picks tend to go up a few dollars they day their recommendations come out.  So to get the best returns, you need to buy their stock picks as soon as you receive their alerts.  Then you can almost count on the stocks rising for the next day or two.

Here is the One Fact About the Motley Fool Service That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Since the inception of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor, their average stock pick is up 392%!

How did they do that?  Take a look at some of their picks over the last decade…

Motley Fool Stocks Revealed 2
Motley Fool Stock Picks Revealed 2

If you need help getting excellent stock picks like these and you want the best chance of beating the market over the next few years, don’t miss out on their next pick that comes out every other Thursday.  Click here to learn more about the Stock Advisor’s historical performance and to get their next picks.

Our Top Performer for 3 Years in a Row

Another reason the Motley Fool Stock Advisor is our top pick this year is very simple. It has performed the BEST for 2018 and 2017 and 2016!

We first subscribed in January 2016. As of November 15, 2019, here is how their last 3 years of stock picks have performed…

  1. Of their 24 picks for 2016, 18 are up.  The average return of all 24, including the few losers, is an amazing 122% which is 63% BETTER than the market.  In fact, 16 of these picks are up over 50% with the best picks SHOP up 866% and MTCH up 549%.

  2. Of their 24 stock picks for 2017, 20 are up.  The average return of all 24, including the losers, is 56% which is 22% BETTER than the market.  In fact, 13 are up over 50% with their best picks TTD up 286% and PAYC up 260%.

  3. Of their 24 stock picks for 2018, 19 are up with an average return of 46% which is 30% BETTER than the market (SP500).

How Much Does The Motley Fool Cost?

For the last year 3 years we paid $199 a year for the service. But they just launched a new 50% off Fall 2019 price promotion. Currently, new customers can subscribe for either $19 a month or $99 per year.  At $19 a month that is $228 (12 x $19) a year, so you will actually save $129 a year if you just pay for the year.  Either way you can cancel within 30 days.

If you start out at the $19 a month subscription, they let you cancel within 30 days and get your money back.  Or if you are satisfied with it, then you can switch to the $99 annual payment and save the $129 a year.

Based on our historical performance since 2016 and the performance of their last 72 stock picks, subscribing to the Motley Fool for just $99 a year is a great deal for both the beginner and the experienced investor.  Given that their stocks tend to “pop” a few dollars as soon as their recommendations come out, you should recover the cost of the service with the first pick or two.

How Do I Subscribe?

Subscribing is easy.  They require your name, email and billing address–and, fortunately, they do NOT require a phone number so they won’t harass you with telemarketing campaigns like other services do.

They also just released their “Top 10 Stocks to Buy Right Now” on November 1, 2019.  You can get this “Top 10 Stocks to Buy Right Now” list and their next stock pick which comes out on Thursday, by following either of these links:


 Fall 50% off Promotion: Try it NOW for Just $19 and receive…

  1. Two brand new stock recommendations per month delivered in real-time to your email. (Their Nov 7th pick is already up 18% and the next pick comes out Nov 21.)

  2. Access to all of the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor recommendations they made in 2019, 2018, and 2017.

  3. The Motley Fool’s Top 10 Best Stock to Buy RIGHT Now report that features some of their recent picks that still offer the best potential return.

  4. The Motley Fool’s Top 5 Starter Stocks report that features the ideal stocks that should be the foundation of new investor’s portfolios.

Here’s the link to their 50% off Fall Promotion.


If you are still not convinced, then read our full review.

The Motley Fool Ruler Breakers is a high-growth investing service.

Rule Breakers is similar to Stock Advisor, with a few twists…

With Rule Breakers, you get two new stock recommendations each month.

These recommendations are based on stocks that will become tomorrow’s market leaders.

Here are the six rules that differentiate “Rule Breaker” stocks:

  1. Emerging Industry. Innovative companies in emerging industries that are poised to change the world.

  2. Sustainable Advantage. Companies must show potential for long-term advantage over competitors.

  3. Past Price Appreciation. Rule Breakers have performed well in the past.

  4. Good Management. You want to invest in companies with vision and competent management.

  5. Consumer Appeal. Customers have to love the product or service.

  6. Grossly Overvalued. Wall Street may be underestimating the companies’ transformative value.

Each rule is considered when stocks are being chosen and recommended to users.

Over the last 3 years the stock picks from the Motley Fool Rule Breakers service has actually slightly outperformed their Stock Advisor service.  But their Rule Breaker picks are a lot more volatile in that they also pick more losers.  So I find this service to be more hit or miss since they are really trying to pick high growth stocks in newer industries.  If you do subscribe to this service, you definitely need to buy EVERY pick that comes out so that you don’t miss on the few that skyrocket.

For examples, in January 2018 they picked AYX which is up an amazing 310%.  They also picked MDB in February, 2018 which is up 327%  and GH  in November 2018 which is up 73%   Their March 2019 pick of ROKU is already up 93%.  BUT in 2019–they have also picked 3 stocks that are down 20% or more; and 6 stocks that are still within 5% of their original buy price.

So….. to summarize on the Rule Breakers service, over the last 3 years ON AVERAGE it has performed better than Stock Advisor, but with more volatility and more losers.

So, do you want to add high growth stocks to your portfolio? Do you have the cash to buy EVERY one of their 24 recommendations per year, then you should subscribe to Rule Breakers while it is still on sale for $99 a year or $19 a month .  I paid $299 a year for it in 2018 .  As with all of the Fool products, you can cancel anytime. (read our full Rule Breakers review)

Additionally, you can check out my article revealing the Top Motley Fool Picks.

3. Tim Sykes Penny Stock Alerts (Best for Penny Stocks)

Tim Sykes runs a popular blog that helps investors on their investing journey.

But instead of checking the blog each day…

…you can get Tim Sykes “PennyStocking” watchlist e-mailed straight to your inbox each morning at 8 am.

You will also get updates throughout the day on trades that Tim Sykes makes.

But who is Tim Sykes, anyway?

He is a trader that turns thousands into millions and has seen 50% gains over the past six months!

And you can follow each trade that he makes EXACTLY as he buys and sells throughout the day.

Tim maintains that “it only takes one good trade to pay for an entire year of TIM ALERTS!”

You can sign-up for daily stock picks for just $2.50 per day.

Tim Skykes with car

4. Jim Cramer Action Alerts

Finding the top stocks requires focus, discipline, and most importantly, homework.

Luckily, Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts take those steps out of the equation for you!

Jim Cramer offers his alerts as a subscription service available through