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Building A Website For Your New Business Startup

After you’ve survived the steps of starting your own business, it’s time to find a way to keep it going.  Sustainability is the goal for any size business, and your digital presence is a large part of building that sustainability. 

Your organization’s website is home base for thousands of potential clients.  It’s worth the investment of time and money to build a business website. 

Read through these few tips aimed towards new business owners looking to perfect their website design, and consider how you might boost your online game. 

Start with simple navigation options

Foundational design quality starts with simple navigation options.  You want users to be able to move around your content and explore, so you have to make it possible.  Stationary navigation design is the most common way for businesses to offer access to their content. 

A stationary (or floating) navigation bar along the top of your site’s design will feel natural for web users.  When there’s no question about how to use your website, people will spend more time exploring what you have to offer. 

Pay attention to the metadata

The metadata of your website is essentially comprised of all the information you’re prompted to provide in the small empty boxes of your design page.  When you add a photo to your website, the description needs to be carefully thought out with SEO in mind. 

The text showing on your domain’s browser tab should also read something regarding your business operation.  Look at the tab that is created when you open this website.  The tab states the name of the business, making it easy for Google’s algorithm to identify the content. 

Use high-quality images and videos

Only use high-quality images and videos on your website.  There’s no room for pixelated images and buffering videos on today’s fast-paced web.  Low-qualitya  images will slow down your load times, and work against you in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Communication is always priority

When you’re designing your business website, you always want to give visitors a chance to leave their mark.  Your contact page is great for offering up crucial information about the business, but there’s more to great digital communication than a simple contact page. 

Add places for users to “leave a comment,” or find a simple contact form for sending quick messages to your team.  Just make it a point to respond to all questions, comments, and experiences shared. 

Invest in mobile optimization efforts

Go ahead and work mobile optimization into your list of things to do.  Today’s internet is composed mainly of mobile users, and your site should reflect this truth. 

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