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Checklist For Starting A New Business Or Corporation In US

Incorporation is the main element to start a new business in the US, It gives the asset protection and stability to the entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur doesn’t follow the checklist of starting a new business, their mistakes can be held against them in case they get sued. On the way to build a successful start to the new business, the entrepreneur should think about the needs and options are available for start a new business in the US. The entrepreneur should get the (Employer Identification Number) federal tax id number before commencing for the new business.

There are a few checklists is a guideline the entrepreneur can use to plan their new business. It is not accounting or legal advice, so it is only used to help the entrepreneur in their discussions with their accountant and lawyer.

Checklist for starting a new business in the US

The checklist is much helpful to the people who want to establish a business in the US if they read it before starting a new business it might be helpful to them. They are as follow

  1. Is only the foreign national person should commence a business in the US without being a citizen?

Yes, the non-residence person also can start a business in the US, There are many businesses are growing day by day in the foreign with foreign nationals, from larger-scale businesses to small-scale shops. Locating the US marketplace is the main element to success for much business around the globe. The major efficient way to gain this market is with a United States business, to get the support of the global largest, the greatest multicultural national business at the economical tax price. Establishing a business in the US as a non-citizen is easy when the entrepreneur has the support of talented partners in a business organization, import-export,  real estate, immigration, supply chain, and international tax. As a foreign state with a United States business, it is:

  1. Simple to market in the US, from a tax and customs way of the view.

  2. Easy to access the funded markets in the US for angel investors, public markets and venture capital.

  3. Elaborate on the goodwill of the company, both many markets overseas and US customers.

  4. Simple to obtain a visa to do a business in the US.

  5. Probably the entrepreneur can minimize their tax on the source of US- income.

  6. Select the kind of business entity that the entrepreneur want for their new business

When the entrepreneurs are want to establish a business they have a huge decision to make. If they are facing difficulty with deciding on the proper structure for their business, they are not single. There are many legal entities to select from it’s simple to assume how an entrepreneur could get doubtful. This is one of the major decisions that the entrepreneur will have an extreme influence on everything from how their business works to the worth of anticipated growth possibilities. Whether they are commencing a business from the startup, purchasing an organized business, or obtaining a licensed business there are some significant questions the entrepreneur should require before taking a decision regarding which kind of business entity to choose.

  1. Decide who will have the business, and who will spend investment, how much, and what they are expected to receive in return.

The entrepreneur should decide before starting the business that who will be the owner of the business. In most of the cases, the business won’t start with a single head, it might have a partner. So, before commencing the business they have to decide who will spend the investment amount and how much it is, it should be prepared on the document clearly that if they spent investment how many dollars they spent and what is their role in the business. The invested person should expect something from their invested amount, in the business document, it is also should be mention clearly how much they are expecting in return. This is a filed document and useful for the business lifetime.

  1. Decide who will handle the business

This also plays a vital role before starting a new business, the business is two types in the US one is corporations and the second one is (LLCs) limited liability companies. There are two kinds of people are handling the business based on the business type.  If the business is related to the corporations, the directors and officers handle it. If the business is related to the LLCs business members and managers will able to handle it. The nature of the business will tell who will be able to handle the business.

  1. Select a country of incorporation

The entrepreneurs are ready to start a business, there are a lot of questions are running their mind that, where should they incorporate their business. A few are select to set things easy by forming LLC or incorporation in their state, while some are chosen for friendly business states. Selecting the country of incorporation can be difficult business from every state changes in duration of taxes, fees, and other. This is only common to need to get the cheapest cost and excellent option for their situation. If they are establishing a business here’s a disruption of a few of the important variations across a few of the usual famous states for business creation.

When the entrepreneur from an LLC or corporation, they required to pay a single time filing process fees to the secretary of state office. The entrepreneur should keep in mind that the single time fee should not have a notable impact on their downline over the long run of their business.

Many states charge the yearly fee to manage corporation or LLC. The entrepreneur typically needs to present a yearly one-page statement to the state’s secretary office, with a filing fee.

The franchise tax is essentially implemented by the corporations on state and different business things for the opportunity of staying registered or incorporated to accomplish business in the country.  This method of calculating franchise taxes is different by state.

  1. Select a name for the business and do research name availability and corporation indicators

This is another aspect for the entrepreneur to start a new business in the US, select the business name or brand name related to the location and consumers. Before finalizing the business name the entrepreneur should follow a few tips, the name should be unique, which means no other one has that selected name. If it is franchise it is not applicable for uniqueness. The title of the business should be strong as well as short. Then only it will go on the market faster.

  1. Incorporation documents should file

In general terms, a corporation is a business entity different from its partners, it implies the partners cannot be handled individually responsible for the responsibilities of the business. In different business kinds, like a single general partnership or proprietorship of the partners take individual responsibility for business duties because the authority does not recognize those businesses as substances. To receive the advantages of having a corporation, the entrepreneur needs first to file reports of incorporation. The reports of incorporation work as a liability among the corporation and their state, therefore the entrepreneur will file the reports of incorporation with their state law.

  1. For corporations: Check the organizational agreement and approve the laws: For LLCs select the working agreement

The entrepreneurs have to check the agreement of the business if it is related to the corporations they have the organizational agreement. After checking the agreement they might also check the laws. If it is related to the LLCs, they have to check the working agreement. These both are useful for the business.

  1. Get (Employer Identification Number) federal tax number

This is also called as a tax identification number or an executive identification number. The IRS has issued it to recognize a business, which has 9 digits number. It is like people have a social security number to recognize themselves, the businesses are using a tad identification number for recognition on Government, tax forms and banking. With federal tax ID, there are advantages are having it, but no need to have every business. The business will suitably be listing gains and statements to the Federal and State authority and necessity to have its personal identification sign.

  1. Get any considerable financing

This is one of the great things in every business, each business needs finance, without finance no business will go forward. The entrepreneur should get the finance from the government agencies, or another good source. Because everything should be secure in terms of repayment of the money. If the interest rate is less then only the business person will pay the amount on time. If they are not paying on time also they won’t feel the burden when they are repaying all the debt at a time. So, the entrepreneurs take the finance with the considerable amount with considerable persons.

  1. Take a place to operate from, rent an office

This is the essential thing for every business, the entrepreneur should select the proper place within the appropriate time. The place plays a vital role to establish a business, it is based on the consumers, population, goods, and services are available to distance etc.,  The entrepreneur should opt a place for lease it is the best option for them. If they run their business for some duration they will get an idea about the market. If it goes on the profit margin, they should continue there otherwise they can shift based on the demand of their products and services.


Hopefully, the above all are the major checklist for the entrepreneur to start a new business in the US. Along with that, they have to get more knowledge on the place, laws etc. Then the entrepreneur will go on the success line. If they know these things they can service around the globe. For the partners, it is better to know about the terms and conditions of the business. Then they won’t get any difficulties in the future. Their relationship and business can survive in long run without facing any inconvenience in the marketplace.

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