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Driveway Cleaning 101- The Ultimate Guide

A clean driveway talks about a person’s lifestyle ethics. Indeed there’s no botheration about how one leads his/her lifestyle. However, it can surprise/ please the guests significantly. A driveway is a place that the guests visit just after entering the home’s premises. Thus keeping it clean always has its importance!

To know the know-hows of a satisfactory driveway cleaning Melbourne or that of any corner of the globe, one should consider reading this post thoroughly. It works as a guide for cleaning the driveways!!

How to Clean the Driveways?

Well, the driveways can be of two types- concrete and bricked. Both of them require a different kind of cleaning. Keep reading to know more about them!!

Cleaning Concrete Driveways

The concrete driveways require hard-core pressure cleaning. They need additional care too! Here is the list of things that one should follow while cleaning concrete driveways.

  1. Before starting with the pressure cleaning, one should clear the entire floor thoroughly. The cleaning should cover the whole area, including the kids’ play zone. Even the areas where the vehicles are kept should be cleaned properly.

  2. Once done with the necessary cleaning, it’s the time to take a garden hose and set its nozzle at 25 degrees. Now it’s ready to clean up the small debris and soft dirt. All one needs to do is to wet the surface and wash the entire place.

  3. Now when the everyday water wash is done, it’s the time to make the use of detergent. One can do this by attaching a soaping nozzle to the garden hose and apply the required amount of detergent in the tanks of the pressure washer. To get the best result out of this step, one should check the method of using by checking out the user manual.

  4. In case there are a lot of ornery stains in the driveway, one should use a rotatory nozzle. It executes the cleaning in the circular motion, ensuring 99% removal of the stains.

That’s all! The concrete driveway is clean now and definitely; it’s capable of emitting fresh vibes to the sudden visitors!

Cleaning of the Bricked Driveways

The cleaning process of the bricked driveways slightly differs from that of concrete ones. Keep reading to find out how it works!

  1. First, one should wet bricks and leave it for soaking the water. A soft spray nozzle is an ideal pick to execute this work.

  2. Once done, it’s the time to apply the detergent with the help of a suitable nozzle. It helps in spreading the detergent proportionately across the entire surface.

  3. Now it’s the time to leave the detergent on the surface to make sure that it soaks all the dirt and debris. After 5-10 minutes, one should use a 25-degree nozzle for cleaning the cleanser along with the debris. One should avoid using higher-pressure nozzles since bricks are fragile.

Hope this post helps! However, many can find the DIY tricks mentioned above complicated for cleaning the driveways. Therefore, if the entire task looks too daunting, it’s always better to count on expert agencies. They provide all-rounder services, including tile cleaning Melbourne or in any other place. So, it’s still a good deal to call them and get the work done at the earliest!!

Raphel Hestings is a renowned author who writes articles on home improvement.He also suggests readers to take services like driveway cleaning in Melbourne as well as in the other areas.

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