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Five Reasons to Attend More DJ Events – For Business, Promotion

Year after year more innovative and enjoyable DJ events than ever before are being launched across the UK. Some of which focus on showcasing up and coming talent, whilst others being more concerned with the latest DJ equipment from major manufacturers.

DJ events can be worth their weight in gold for the amateur DJ looking to go pro. Even if it means shelling out for a ticket and travelling cross-country it’s worth the effort not to pass up these kinds of opportunities.

What’s the big deal with DJ events? The answer – it is more a combination of five reasons you really need more DJ events in your life:

  1. Make Useful Contacts

Right off the batspecialist DJ events represent the most important and beneficial networking opportunities. You never know who you’ll bump into on the day but you know for sure that you’ll make a whole bunch of useful contacts. Some of which could play a key role in helping you take that next big step going forwards. As is the case in all areas of business, the key to success on the professional DJ circuit is as much about who you know as what you know. Socialising and networking online is all well and good but isn’t nearly as effective as the real thing.

  1. Check the Latest Gear

DJ events can also be the perfect places to check out the latest DJ equipment.  Major manufacturers like Pioneer, Denon, Sony and so on, almost always demo their latest DJ mixers, DJ controllers and general hardware at DJ shows. If you’re serious about staying on the cutting-edge of the DJ industry you need to keep an eye on what’s making waves. In addition DJ events can also be great for chatting directly with representatives from major brands, accessing solid-gold advice from those in the know.

  1. Access Exclusive Deals

Along with solid-gold advice you might also gain access to solid-gold discounts. One of the biggest advantages of attending DJ events in general is the wall-to-wall selection of exclusive deals on DJ equipment for attendees only. Whether you’re looking to pick up the latest DJ mixer or just a handful of accessories, you could save a small fortune on the day. Discounts vary significantly from one event and vendor to the next but are always worth checking out.

  1. Promote Yourself

Think about it – how often do you get the opportunity to hand your demo, your card or your flyers to such a huge audience of influential individuals?  The answer isnot very often. DJ events are by their very nature promotional events for those taking part. Just because you’re not trading or performing at the show doesn’t mean you can’t market the living daylights out of yourself for the duration. Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward and let them know who you by making the kind of first impression they won’t forget.

  1. Be Inspired

Attending DJ events and trade shows can be motivating and inspiring on many levels. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals and a treasure-trove of cutting-edge equipment, you just can’t help but feel energised and motivated to get things done. Of course, this counts double if someone important takes an interest in your work on the day.  Either way there is no such thing as walking away from a DJ event empty-handed. Even if you don’t buy anything you’ll gain more insight into becoming a DJ from the experience.

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