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Finding your dream Plus size wedding dresses should be one of the most exciting moments of any girl’s life, and thanks to forward-thinking designers and boutiques, curvy brides have more choice than ever before!

Whether dreaming of a fabulous fit to flare or a classic a-line silhouette, brides of all sizes deserve to feel beautiful in the dress of their dreams on their wedding day. Finding your Plus size fashion also involves having some great choices. If you have never set foot in a bridal shop you don’t know what to expect on your first visit unless someone tells you.

Most brides trying on wedding gowns for the first time think that it’s like going to your favorite shop at the mall, trying on a dress in your size, and taking it home. Some bridal shops work this way but most will have you try on samples and measure you to order the size closest to your own.

Here are some tips help you choose the best Wedding Dress Tips For Plus size skirt

for Brides.

Your options are the following:

  1. You can choose your size based on our size chart.

  2. If your size does not match any of the sizes shown in the size chart, we can

design a dress for you customized for your body size.

When you put in your order and proceed to select your size, choose the custom

size option on the website. You will need to type in your measurements.

A: Shoulder

Measure from the outside edge of the shoulder to the other outside edge.(It will provide the most accurate size if you measure from the back)

B: Bust circumference

Put on a bra that will provide a good fit.

Line the measuring tape across your skin starting on your chest and put it

around your back in the line of your nipples. Make sure it is not too tight but not too

loose as well. ( This is important when you are measuring any body parts.)

C: Waist circumference

This is the narrowest part of your core, located approximately 5 centimeters

above your belly button. This is where you need to measure all the way


D: Hips circumference

The widest part of your buttocks. Line the measuring tape all the way

around your butt, touching your hips with the tape.

E: Shoulder to Nipple

Shoulder seam (most of your t-shirts’ seams will be lined right along that

line) straight down to the nipples.

F: Shoulder to waist

Shoulder seam straight down to the waist.

G: Hollow to floor no shoes on

Measure from shoulder to floor.

H: Height (no shoes)

Your natural height.

I: Armhole:

Meausure around your shoulders through your armpits.

J: Biceps circumference

Measure the thickest part of your arms.


K: Elbow

L: Under bust: Measuring under your breast, around your body

M: Heel of your shoes

It is important to remember, if you order your dress to your custom order

measurements, weight gain or loss prior to the wedding day can affect the fit.

Therefore, we make sure we design every dress leaving at least 3-4 centimeters extra in the inside of the dress, alongside of the seam lining, which if neccessary, you can use to alter if needed.

All of the above dresses are by

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