Get the best Tax Refund (and file for FREE)

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You have successfully made it to adulthood.

You are now the proud owner of a…

  1. 9 to 5 job

  2. Mountain of expenses

  3. Mild case of anxiety and depression

And since we are still a long way from April 15th…

…you have [probably] completely forgotten about filing your taxes.

For many people, this can be a magical time of year; a random, but obviously well deserved, wad of cash gets thrown back at them.

For everyone else, it is the worst time of year (for obvious reasons).

Most of us rely on tax software to navigate the tangled mess known as the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

But there has been a serious problem consuming the tax software industry lately.

What is it, you ask?

Two words: HIDDEN FEES!

And speaking of hidden fees, I have an all too common story to share with you…

Warning: Taxpayers may find the following content disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

It was April 2018 and I had been avoiding filing my taxes for months, but the deadline was quickly approaching. Time was running short and I was ready to rock-and-roll.

I scavenged for all of my tax documents strewn around the house.

I spent two hours diligently gathering and entering my W-2s, 1098s, and 1099s into my chosen “free” tax software.

FreeTaxUSA Box 728x90

Once everything was entered, I laid eyes on my magnificent $4,000 tax refund.

“See ya losers later because once I e-file this thing – I am RICH,” I thought to myself.

But no sooner than when I clicked the button to e-file, a message popped up…

…”that’ll be $39.99.”


The company claimed it would file my return for FREE!!

My tax software befriended me, made the filing process easy, and told me everything was free…

…only to turn on a dime when it realized that I just came into some serious cash.

Countless law abiding taxpayers suffer the same fate each year. Even worse, most of them accept the fee they are dealt to avoid filling out another tax return.

Well, I am done getting swindled by tax software providers and now you can be, too.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a company that made April 15th even better? Or at least, less awful?

Well, I have gone to work for YOU to determine if such a thing even exists.

Spoiler alert: IT DOES EXIST!

And this post aims to give you our favorite tax filing software that you can use to file your 2018 taxes.

The pick is in…

…and it is FreeTaxUSA!