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hair alike : yerba buena gardens, san francisco (2008)

Tagged: , san , francisco , yerba , buena , gardens , statue , torbakhopper , dancing , devils , sunglasses , red , april fool , sf , 1991 , christ consciousness transcends xianity!!!! , this easter, if you’re still waiting for a saviour to return, ask yourself the real question: how much longer will you wait without acknowledging your philosophical debt to storytelling as your rock? , christ is not a crutch for the weak. that is a lie. , christ is a way of being, thinking, acting… , xianity was stolen from the gnostic in much the same way judaism has been hijacked by far eastern mobsters , turn over the tables at the temples which have become butcher shops again. , assert your power as christ!!! a christ did not say , ‘hide in the shadow of my cross.’ a christ said , ‘this cross is mine. find yours!’ , gocentric , yerba buena gardens , sculpture , san francisco

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