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HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2020 ⠀ Hello my beautiful ladies. Are you ready to meet 2020? ⠀ …

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🎄2020 Hello my beautiful ladies. Are you ready to meet 2020? New Year and Christmas holidays are my favourite. Every time when I feel smell of mandarin I feel that New Year is close. For us Santa Claus or as we like to say (Armenians) Winter Grandpa was my dad and every year on December 31st before 12:00 at night he used to put gifts under the pillows. Me, my brother and my sister woke up early that day and the first thing that we liked to do, it was opening our gifts. There were toys, candies and for sure mandarins. That’s why whenever I smell of mandarin, I feel like that little girl, who was waiting for Christmas holidays. The smell gives me chance to travel back time through my memories and remember one more time that sweet, unforgettable moments of my life, where we all were together! This year is special for me, I have a chance to celebrate Holidays with my little Prince and my Mom in Armenia. The last day of 2019 want to say thanks for each amazing day that I have in this year. Thanks God for this lovely year, my families, my husband and my little Prince. The most memorable thing in this year that I could reached are my online courses (Instagram manager & Brand you) and my lovely clients. Happy New year my dear followers, may this year 2020 make all your dreams true. Be healthy and happy. LOVE YOU ALL Do you love New Year holidays❓

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