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How to Choose a Consulting Firm in New York

In our previous blog post titled, “Why You Should Choose a New York Business Consultant” we outlined exactly why choosing a consulting firm in New York is the way to go when wanting to aggressively grow your business. Since there are many different consulting firms in New York to choose from and most people have no idea what to look for or how to choose a consulting firm in the first place, in this post we’ll cover how to find a consulting firm that is right for your business.

Research shows that if it’s within their budget, people choose the first company they interact with almost 80% of the time. Think about that! The order in which you speak to companies you’re considering doing business with should have nothing to do with the outcome, but now that you know it’s influencing your decision at an unconscious level, you can be aware of that unconscious bias and find the marketing consultants new york that will solve your problem most effectively.

Tip #1 – Don’t Hire Generalists, Hire Specialists

If you needed heart surgery would you choose the best heart surgeon you can find or go to your general practitioner? The answer is obvious. But the answer doesn’t seem as obvious when your life isn’t on the line. The fact is that your business is on the line because you will spend a tremendous amount of time and energy executing the plan set forth. If you’re trying to get to a destination in the shortest amount of time, you know how important following the right directions are. Who your getting that direction from can make the difference between success or failure.

A generalist that is good at everything will not be great at anything. To achieve greatness, you need to follow greatness. Which leads to tip number two.

Tip #2 – Their Best Solution = Your Biggest Problem

Choose the consulting firm where the biggest problem they solve is the biggest problem you have. Their main area of expertise should be specific to the greatest challenge you’re experiencing. Here at MindStorm, we can solve many different problems, but people come to us from all over the world specifically to help them achieve rapid growth. When they want to add rocket fuel to their sales efforts, MindStorm is the go to. When they want to a consultant to write a business plan, I send them elsewhere.

Tip # 3 – Interview the Consultants on your Project

Too often the great reputation of the firm is dangled in front of the prospect and then when the project starts, a kid right out of college with zero real life business experience is advising you based on what he or she learned in the textbook. If textbooks held the key to success in business, librarians would be millionaires.

Ask to speak with the consultants (or head consultant) that will oversee your project so that, they specifically (not just the company) have the expertise that lines up with your greatest challenge.

Tip #4 – Look for Proven Track Records

This one should be simple. Results are the only thing that matters and to get a good look out how your project will turn out, take a look at the results their clients have previously achieved. There are many obstacles that will get in the way and it’s how the consulting firm will deal with those challenges that will determine the outcome. By focusing on specific results, you can see that the objectives were met regardless what wrenches were thrown in the system.

Tip #5 – Make Sure They Guarantee Performance

Most consulting firms hesitate on offering a guarantee on performance because they can only advise, and you are supposed to implement. At MindStorm we become hands on in your project so that we can ensure success. And since we can ensure success, we can back it up with a money-back guarantee. Many projects are different, which means so is the specific performance guarantee, but if the consulting firm you are dealing with is not willing to put their money where their mouth is then don’t risk it. Why should you carry all the risk? If they’re confident in their ability to get the job done, then they should be willing to share that risk with you.

If you’d like to discuss your business in more detail and see if MindStorm is the fit for your situation.

How to Choose a Consulting Firm in New York

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