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How to Design a Well-Lit Office

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Everyone knows that office design is important to productivity at work. One of the most overlooked aspects of office design is light. Lack of light is strongly associated with low productivity. Most business owners focus on adding a lot of artificial light to an office, but what about natural light? During daytime, natural light is the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to lighten up an office and boost productivity.

Here are several ways you can improve natural light coming to your office:

Make the Windows Bigger

Small, tiny traditional type windows are designed to insulate rooms. Therefore, they don’t let in much light. Modern designs ditch this classic style in favor of bigger windows that let in more light. If insulation is an issue, there is a variety of single hung tilt windows that offer both insulation and bigger surface areas for more light to come in.

One of the most frequently asked questions about replacement windows is how expensive they can be. Titled styles, for example, are budget-friendly. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the glass bigger. There are several budget-friendly options to consider that offer excellent functionality as well.

Repaint the Office in White

The wall paint plays a major role in how well-lit a room can be. If your office is painted in a dark color like black or red, then the amount of light reflected around the room would be low. If you want a truly bright office during daytime, then repaint the walls in white. This is the best color for optimally reflecting light. The darker the shade, the less light there will be in the room.

Consider a High Gloss Interior Paint

Wall paint comes in a number of finishes, such as flat, matte, or gloss. High gloss paints have an enamel lacquer-style finish that gives surfaces a mirror-like reflective quality. In other words, glossy paint finishes allow sunlight to bounce around the room, illuminating more for longer periods. High gloss paint is available for interior furniture like cabinets to optimize light reflection. As an added perk, glossy-finish paint is easy to clean as well.

Move Large Furniture Away from Windows

Don’t let furniture block the entrance of light from doorways and other openings. Make sure large furniture isn’t blocking the view from windows. Remove obstacles as much as possible. Ideally, keep tall furniture to a minimum unless necessary.

Replace Thick Curtains

Thick curtains are meant for insulating only. Those big, velvety curtains otherwise make rooms darker and smaller. So in summer months when sunlight is plenty, use thinner curtains to let in more light. Sheer curtains are a good option, though they don’t offer much in terms of privacy. For offices, it’s best to go without any curtains at all. Install blinds or partitions only in areas that require privacy, like a conference room.

Stick to a Minimalist Design

Minimalist layouts reduce clutter and optimize available space. This is perfect for allowing in more light and making rooms brighter. This style is not expensive to have in your office. Not only does it create more room and interior brightness, but also, minimalist offices are quite easy to maintain.

Make your office as productive as possible with the above suggestions. More natural light could certainly reduce electricity bills too.

How to Design a Well-Lit Office
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