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How to Make Money at no Cost

Some say that you have to spend money to make money. This is a myth in internet marketing. Let us show you how to make money at no cost with some effective ideas and internet marketing techniques.

1. The power of being on number page on Google and major search engines

Suppose you are on number one page on major search engines for a very competitive keyword like internet business or internet marketing. Writing with latent semantic analysis in mind you create a keyword rich website or blog for synonyms or related topics to the keyword you rank well for, let’s say internet business. So adding content focused on internet business opportunities, internet business ideas, work from home, internet business models and internet marketing you will rank well for these keywords and automatically attract many link exchange requests that will boost your page rank and daily traffic. More web traffic means more sales and more opportunities to make money.

2. Once you have plenty of web traffic and make money from your blog or website then you can spend some of your advertising revenues to promote further your internet business and earn more money. How? By investing some of your revenues buying links to high traffic and high page rank directories or authority sites.

3. Now to please search engines you can buy quality one way inbound links such as with article marketing. And if you do not have time or the desire to write articles for marketing yourself you can buy articles to be written according to your keywords, ideas, thoughts, questions, suggestions. There are many freelancers who are willing to write articles for you at a very reasonable price, just type articles writing in search engines. Better online visibility means more and better odds to make money.

4. Advertising fees are based on many factors, mainly estimated web traffic but also page rank and top search engine rankings. As you spend money without any cost as you pay for the marketing promotion from your online revenues then something weird but exciting happens. After some time you can charge more for ads like text ads simply because your increased links and page rank and also more web traffic allows you to charge more without losing potential advertisers.

5. Think aggressively and smart. If you want to make money for the long term and conquer the internet then internet marketing can be made for you at no cost. Continue to build quality links, add fresh content and content rich content that adds value to your visitors, invest money that you earned to expand your business and then after many years your small business will be a great internet business that will make money for many years. Just answer the magic question what does it take to be number one on big search engines? Links, good content and the story of making money at no cost continues with a happy end.

Do you want to and start your own ? Learn more about internet marketing, blogging, seo and how to make money online.

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