How to Study The Best For CSCS Exam

Earning a CSCS card has become mandatory for the construction workers in the United Kingdom. It takes an elaborate course and a comprehensive test to achieve the certification. The employers are now looking for the CSCS certified workers so that they can stick to the standards on site and provide a proper output.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is no joke. You have to be very serious and find the right way to achieve a good score in the test. The CSCS test will decide whether you are eligible for getting the card or not. All CSCS Cards require you to pass the test; however the majority of cards also require either an NVQ qualification, Construction Course certification, or work experience.

Here is how you can study the best for CSCS exam:

Choose right course:

There will be different CSCS courses available to qualify for the test. First, you have to identify which course to pursue.

Basic CSCS Courses are:

  1. One Day Health & Safety Awareness course

  2. SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme)

  3. SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme)

  4. Health & Safety in a Construction Environment (Level 1)

Choose the right CSCS Card Test:

Seek an advise from experts or from those who are already certified so that you can invest your hard-earned money properly. There are 3 types of CSCS Tests: one for managers, one for supervisors and then there is one for every other tradesman. Make sure the test you take leads to the CSCS Card you need. So, book CSCS test according to your level and even trade.

It is 45-minute touch screen test with 50 questions- 12 based on behavioral case study while the rest 38 judge your health and safety knowledge in your role on construction sites. Budget your time in a way that you get to attempt all 50 questions, read each carefully before answering, any score of 42/50 or more will see you through.

Get the online course material:

After choosing the right course and test, you will have to avail the right set of material to study. Appearing in the exam for the first time can be intimidating when you do not know the question patterns. The online portals provide a set of mock tests to test your capabilities. The revision material will definitely boost your confidence by educating you about the type of questions and exam patterns.

Revise and learn more:

The more you practise, more prepared and confident you become of passing the test. It also quickens your response time and thus helps in time management.

This is how you should prepare yourself for the CSCS exam. Be intuitive and find out time from your busy schedule to study.

Graeme Hick life revolves around two “C’s”: Cricket and Construction. When his mind space is not occupied by cricket, you can find him reading and writing about construction. It comes with years spent in Construction Helpline. Construction Helpline experts got the experience and know-how to guide tradesmen to book CSCS test online .

How to Study The Best For CSCS Exam

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