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I’ve got some piping hot tea for those of you asking, “What kind of business sho…

I’ve got some piping hot tea for those of you asking, “What kind of business should I start?” You failed the first test of starting a business. . When you go into entrepreneurship with profit on the brain rather than passion, you’re not showing up authentically. . -> No one can tell you what you love. -> No one can tell you who you are. -> No one can tell you what will fill your heart and light you up. . If you know you want to start a business and you don’t know what kind, it’s because you’re telling yourself that the business you WANT to start isn’t a profitable idea, so you’re looking for something more practical. . In other words, you’ve already given up on yourself. . Get real with your authentic self and your vision. Commit to what you love. Let go of your attachment to money. When we step into our passion and show up to serve, the money WILL follow. . ⚡️I started a coaching business without certification. ⚡️I incorporated my psychic gifts in that process. ⚡️Because guiding others to change their lives via their businesses and/or careers lights me up. ⚡️Channeling messages and reading tarot lights me up. . If I had started from what I thought would be profitable, I probably would have used my law degree and journalism background to start a legal writing business or a law firm. I probably would have made a lot of money. And fast. . And I would be miserable. . Instead, I took a risk on my passion. And this month, I made more money in my business than I ever have. . Rest assured: Your dreams are more practical than what you think.

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