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In the year (and the decade) to come, I WANT TO SEE BRILLIANT PEOPLE SUCCEED I …

In the year (and the decade) to come, I WANT TO SEE BRILLIANT PEOPLE SUCCEED✨

I don’t want to see any more of the copy-cat sugar-coated Barbie coaches make their proverbial 6 figures selling regurgitated bullshit to the unsuspecting masses. I don’t want to see any more manipulative strategies in this industry that are feeding off people’s pain bodies, leaving them depleted and their business (and finances) wrecked. I don’t want to see mediocre people with little to no conscience but big Fb ads budgets rise to the top through buying success while the real deal people who are passionate about truly helping others are hiding in the corner.

I WANT TO SEE BRILLIANT PEOPLE SUCCEED, dot. Because it’s about fucking time. Because YOU deserve it – the overlooked one, the self-conscious one, the thorough one, the intelligent one…the one who doesn’t fit into boxes, doesn’t want to follow formulas, doesn’t want to sit at the “cool coaches” table.

Supporting “the underdog” and unearthing people’s brilliance is a passion that my business partner Yvonne Johnston @fastforward_coaching and I share. Our company @thefirepowergroup is all about adding fuel to your purpose, bringing courage to your self-expression, shining light on your essence⚡️ : We are ready to move Heaven and Earth to unlock the brilliance that you have. We will set you on fire – so that your authentic core can be seen, and your purest light can illuminate the world.

We are all set and ready to go! Next opportunity to get support, coaching, advice and input from us both is coming up in January, and early enrolment is open. FAST FORWARD YOUR BUSINESS is our real deal group coaching process that is all about authenticity and courage, yet it is also about strategy and success. We poured our hearts into this program, and as you can see from the testimonials from the previous round, it was amazing. If you are ready to move the needle forward in your business in 2020 and don’t want any of the ridiculous cookie-cutter BS that the coaching industry is feeding us – welcome in. Our website is still in the making, for now please see all the details via the link in my profile🔥💥 DM me to inquire🖤

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