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Instagram Marketing: How To Start a Blog on Instagram

Looking to start your own Instagram blog? Becoming an Instagram blogger is easy – the hard part is getting lots of followers to grow your blog. 

Many Instagram bloggers are just that – they work entirely off of Instagram. Other bloggers, however, use an Instagram blog to promote their website blog. If you’re serious about blogging and want to make money online, we recommend creating a website to hold your full blog. An Instagram blog can be lucrative, but most bloggers will tell you that having an official website is much more effective and can add a sense of legitimacy to your Instagram blog. 

Whether or not you want to dive in on your own blog, setting up an Instagram blog is simple! Follow these steps and use our tips to start your own blog on Instagram. 

Pick a Name and Niche

Before you can start an Instagram blog, you need to know what you’re blogging about! If you’re already considering becoming a blogger, there’s a good chance you know what niche you’re interested in, whether it’s travel, fashion, makeup, fitness, food, or any other industry! If you’re not sure what you want the focus of your blog to be, consider your interests, skills, and what you would enjoy sharing about. Pick a specific niche and be sure to stick to it – a blog that’s all over the place in terms of content will confuse and scare off readers and followers. 

Once you know the topic of your Instagram blog, it’s time to pick a name! Your Instagram username (also called a handle) has to be unique, so you’ll need to find one that isn’t already taken. It’s also important that your handle is unique so that you aren’t mixed up with another Instagram account!

Try to come up with a short, catchy, and memorable name. You want followers to be able to remember you, so a long and hard to spell name could hurt your blog. Try to incorporate details like your niche, your personal name if you want to share it, your location, or something else specific to your blog to find the perfect name. Search on Instagram to make sure it isn’t already taken!

Create an Instagram Business Account

Since your Instagram blog isn’t your personal Instagram account, you should register it as a business account. If you want to convert your personal account to a business account, you can simply go to your account settings and tap “Switch To Business Account”. If you’re starting from scratch, open Instagram and press sign up – follow the steps to add your username, and then in account settings, tap “Switch To Business Account”.

Instagram recommends that your business account is connected to a Facebook business account as well. This isn’t required, so if you’re serious about sticking to solely Instagram then don’t worry. 

You can add details to your business profile, like address, type of business, and a website link if you have one. Be sure to totally fill out your profile with a profile picture, bio, name, and other info so that followers know who you are and what type of content you’ll be sharing. 

Post Quality Content

This may seem like a given, but it’s vital that you post only the best content on your blog! Take focused pictures, write clever and interesting captions, and be sure to follow Instagram’s community guidelines. No one wants to follow an account that posts shoddy images or boring captions. 

Be sure to stick to your niche topic and stay on brand when posting anything on Instagram. If you’re starting a food blog, you shouldn’t share content about the outfit you wore that day – it’s not relevant. Figure out what your voice is, what topics you care about, and how you like to present them, and tell a story with your Instagram blog! 

Use the Right Hashtags

If you’re starting from scratch, you likely have a long way to go to build a following on Instagram. Hashtags are an often under-rated tool that can help you reach new followers! Research the best hashtags for your industry or niche, and use at least a few in every post. Studies have said that 11 is the prime number of hashtags, although you can use up to 30 on a single post. 

Finding and using the right hashtags for your niche helps your posts get seen; anyone who searches or follows that hashtag may stumble upon your blog, or your posts could even get featured on the Instagram Explore page. If you don’t like the look of hashtags, hide them in your comments, but don’t forget to use them to improve your visibility. 

Engage with Followers

To grow a loyal following, you have to engage with your followers. There are a few ways to do this. 

First, follow back! This shows that you appreciate the follow, and will likely create a better relationship with your followers. Ask questions in your captions about what kind of content your followers want to see. You can also use Instagram stories to share polls, questions, and more to engage with your followers. 

Become an Instagram Blogger!

Use these easy tips to become a successful Instagram blogger! Once you’ve promoted your Instagram blog and grown your following, you can make money on Instagram through sponsorships, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, or plenty of other channels. Start by sharing quality, focused content and you’re sure to find success on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing: How To Start a Blog on Instagram

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