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Make Money Online – If It Is So Easy Where Is My Money And How Do I Get Paid?

The most common questions I get regarding how to make money online generally comes down to two things. Why am I not making any money and how do I get paid for the job.

For some reason people think when they come to a website that contains products and programs about how to make money online they are applying for a job. There certainly are some job websites online, but most of the work at home type of websites are not working for someone else.

Understand this main point. You are working for yourself. If you want to make money you’re going to have to find a specific thing you can do that works for you. Let me give you a couple of the most common ones.

1. Build information websites with Google Adsense ads. This is how you’re going to make money.

When people click on the ads you earn a commission from Google. When your commissions are over $100 Google will pay you in the following month.

You’ll have to check in the country where you live in to see how you will get paid, but in the United States the most common ways are via direct deposit or with a check that comes in the mail.

This is both an easy and hard way to make money. It’s easy because you do not have to sell anything to get a commission.

It’s hard because you have to build a lot of web pages and get a lot of ads on them, before you’re going to see any substantial amount of money. Also this is a competitive way to make money because many people are doing it.

2. Sell digital info products. You can do this a couple of ways.

You could join an affiliate program such as ClickBank and sell products for them. You will earn a substantial commission of as high as 75% on everything you sell.

Clickbank pays in several ways as well. In my case I am on direct deposit and get a deposit every Wednesday. This is a great once you have sales in the pipeline because you’re constantly getting paid.

The other thing you can do is create your own info products and sell them online. Writing and selling ebooks is a popular way to do this.

Take advantage of the ClickBank affiliate program and let affiliates sell your ebooks for you. This is an excellent way to create a six-figure income without having to do all of your own sales.

Of course there are many other ways to make money online too. Utilizing affiliate marketing with Google Adsense and ClickBank are 2 of the most popular that people can do regardless of where they live in the world.

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