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MY BOOK OF THE YEAR BY A RETIRED NAVY SEAL. “You are in a danger of living a lif…

MY BOOK OF THE YEAR BY A RETIRED NAVY SEAL. “You are in a danger of living a life so comfortable and soft that you will die without ever realizing your true potential.” This year, I have read several transformational books ranging from ✅ Higher Status by @jasoncapital ✅ 10x Rule Be Obsessed or be average Sell or be sold by @grantcardone ✅ Feeling Good by David Burns ✅ David and Goliath by @malcolmgladwell ✅ Essentialism by @gregorymckeown ✅ Happiness Trap by Harris & Russ ✅ The 4 hour Work Week by @timferriss ✅ Pitch Anything by @orenklaff ✅ Sell like Serhant by @ryanserhant amongst others.

But this particular book shook my mindset defined by the habitual, self limiting choices that we all make because it is NATURAL.

Just like @markmanson book “the subtle art of not giving a fu*k”, this would help you move in spite of fear, limitations and those seemingly naturally self defeating choices we all make.

It was written by @davidgoggins titled, “Can’t hurt me. Master your mind & defy all odds.” This is my way of saying thank you for the support, recommendations, business deals and trainings in the year 2019. Looking forward to a greater partnership in 2020. “We all have the potential to be more.”- @davidgoggins

Which was your book of the year?

To a fruitful 2020! ©Salesescalator

I work with service based businesses with a service rate of $1000+ and are frustrated by declining profitability and employee turnover.

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