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Reasons Why Women Should Buy Crypto Now and Start a New Side Hustle

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Since its invention in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has been exciting, and the meteoric growth in technology hasn’t disappointed either.

Currently, there are over 17 million Bitcoins in the market. Thousands of tokens are available to transact and trade with. Plus, there are over 2000 crypto in circulation.

Despite the impressive figures, few women are participating in this area. The reasons for this are not entirely known but may be attributed to the unclear BTC profit system.

A report by CoinDesk concluded that women traders comprise a meager 4% of the entire trading community.

In fact, various statistics show that women’s participation in the coin market is low. For instance, by January 2018, women held 5% of the $550 billion crypto capitalization market. However, only 5% of crypto fanatics are women. This includes developers, founders, investors, and casually-interested women.

All these statistics make it clear that it’s time for more women to buy digital assets. In fact, it can be a great side hustle.

It’s Time for Women to Buy Digital Assets

Most women want to achieve financial independence, but what they don’t know is, it doesn’t come instantly.

Financial independence is a journey where particular decisions and behavior propel an individual forward. As such, women in this century need to know how to maximize their economic prowess. This includes addressing any challenges and pitfalls head-on.

There are several reasons why women should invest in crypto. 2019 is coming to an end, and thanks to digital currencies and blockchain technology, the global economies are bound to change.

The unprecedented revolution might sweep away the existing power-bases and conventional financial institutions. It has the potential to usher in real diversity and enabling access to data, control, and technology. All this happens regardless of gender, location, or identity.

The crypto industry is here to stay, but it’s still highly dominated by men. It’s time for women to shake things up and take part in crypto while it’s still young. As such, women will play a vital role in shaping the crypto industry and benefit from it as a financial opportunity.

Remember, the early days of any industry are when fortunes are made. As such, gender disparity in this industry doesn’t help women. Remember, the big winners in the industry shape the industry. They decide whom to invest in and what to build next. All the more reasons why women should start a side hustle and invest in Bitcoin.

What’s in It for Women?

Tokens, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets are highly volatile. Despite this, massive transaction bandwidth, minimal costs, and the potential for high returns make crypto attractive to investors. Plus, the ability to use crypto as a hedging tool helps investors avoid banks and the commission fees for their services.

Despite these excellent benefits, women aren’t investing in digital assets like Bitcoin. Take a look at the primary reasons why women avoid investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

1. It’s a Nerd’s Universe

The explanation of why few women are investing in cryptocurrency vary, but the truth is this problem started at inception.

Bitcoin and blockchain underpin most of the available crypto in the market today. Their names are based on hard mathematics subjects of computer science and data mining.

What does this mean? The low numbers of women in the crypto market may be attributable to the lower numbers of women in the STEM industries.

With this, it’s not hard to understand why the early investors were male programmers and game designers.

2. Capital Inequalities

Lack of trading capital deters women from investing in the crypto market. But all is not lost.

The spread of blockchain technology will boost women’s participation in the startup and fin-tech worlds. Don’t forget that 90% of micro-finance investments go to women.

As such, blockchain technology is the next force for women’s financial empowerment.

How Will You Get There?

Many women are interested in joining the crypto world, but very few know what the market entails.

Some of the common questions asked by Bitcoin enthusiasts include, “What cryptocurrency should I buy?” or “What is the best crypto investment for women?” or “Is there a website that supports crypto investment by women?”

Yes, a reliable platform with a low-risk portfolio might jumpstart their crypto ventures. They’re right.

Women should also draft an investment strategy before venturing into the crypto market. Without this, the financial inequality between women and their male counterparts might hurt them. You don’t have the luxury of losing your money.

As a novice investor, your best strategy is to consider getting support from reputable investment websites or platforms. If possible, look for one that’s designed to simplify cryptocurrency investment for women. It should also boost your confidence to invest and trade in cryptocurrency.

Before investing in cryptocurrency, arm yourself with a foolproof investment strategy. That’s the only way to invest in viable projects and good crypto coins, and it puts you a step ahead towards financial success and freedom.

Unlike other women before them, women today, particularly millennial women, are expected to be successful and financially independent. The crypto space allows women to start side hustles and seize investment opportunities that give them financial power and grow their wealth.

Invest in Crypto Currency of Your Choice

As a woman, there’s no better time to invest in Bitcoin than now. It allows you to be among the shapers of an industry in the technology world.

However, before investing your trading capital, assess your trading platform. Understand the possible risks and benefits, and remember, the Bitcoin market is unregulated. A simple mistake might turn out to be very expensive.

Do your due diligence before making your first investment. You don’t want to realize later that you’re a victim of online fraud or a scam.

Reasons Why Women Should Buy Crypto Now and Start a New Side Hustle
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