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Steps For Company Formation In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest business center of UAE. Being the capital of the country, this city could be a home to various firms that are active in operation in numerous industrial sectors. Hence, businessmen and investors, trying forward to establishing a brand new business or open a replacement branch of their existing business on an overseas land, like Abu Dhabi. However, the corporate formation method in Abu Dhabi may be confusing for an inexperienced person who is unaware of the legal procedures to be followed in this regard.

Steps that need to be taken for company formation in Abu Dhabi:

  1. First of all, to confirm that things go smoothly, it’s necessary to avail the services of a well-known business consultancy firm operational in Abu Dhabi. The consultancy firm can guide and support you at each step for the successful company formation in this city. However, you must bear all the terms and conditions of the chosen consultancy firm before signing any legal contract with them.

  2. A clear outline of the business set up ought to be drawn by the company owner, specifying the nature and also the aim of his company formation in Abu Dhabi besides the definite business procedures and future plans for the betterment of the corporate.

  3. Next, the company needs to be legally registered for getting a proper trade name. As there are different categories of commercial organizations that are registered in Abu Dhabi, it is necessary to identify the exact type that will fit the nature of this company. Reason (s)? The legal rules are different for different business categories here. The business consultancy you’ve hired can better help you in this matter to bear the legal responsibilities of the most appropriate category.

  4. The business consultancies in Abu Dhabi help their clients to get their trade names registered in the Department of Economic Development with which they can easily set up their businesses in this city.

  5. The foreigners need to get the initial approval for running their businesses in Abu Dhabi from General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. This certificate of approval is mandatory for getting the trade license as it denotes that the particular foreigner is legally allowed for carrying out his business activities in this country.

  6. Finally, the trade license has to be obtained from the concerned licensing authority as per the nature of the business. Your business consultant will help you to approach the correct department with all the necessary documents including the signed application, certificate of initial approval, trade name certificate, and other relevant documents for identity.

Therefore, hiring business consultants for company formation helps business owners to establish and successfully run a business in Abu Dhabi. The benefits offered by the UAE government to overseas business persons are quite encouraging. This is why many businessmen consider setting up their offshore business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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