Stock Advisor Results thru Dec 21, 2019

Motley Fool Review

***  Motley Fool Review: UPDATED with Stock Pick Results as of December 21, 2019 ***


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In this Motley Fool review, I’m going to show you exactly what you really want to know about the Stock Advisor service.

I’m going to show you exactly what you get when you subscribe.  And more importantly, I am going to show you how profitable buying their stocks has been for me over the last few years.

Since I have been a paid subscriber for over 4 years now, I will present just the FACTS about the Motley Fool stock picks so you can see for yourself if it is worth it.  I subscribe to both their flagship ‘Stock Advisor’ service and their newer ‘Rule Breaker” service.

To have an objective test and analysis of the Motley Fool services, in December 2015 I opened an ETrade brokerage account dedicated just to buying the Motley Fool stock picks as they recommended them.  For the last 4 years, starting in January 2016, I have bought approximately $1,000 of EACH and EVERY stock pick the Motley Fool has recommended.

So how has that ETrade account performed? 

Quick Summary: The average return of all the stocks in my Motley Fool stock portfolio is 88.34% since January 2016.  That means these stocks haves outperformed the market by an average of 48.18%.  Keep reading to see the details of my Motley Fool stock portfolio and to learn 2 important tips I discovered along the way that really help to maximize my returns.


In this Motley Fool Review, I will tell you:

  1. exactly what you get when you subscribe

  2. when they will release their next new stock picks

  3. the percentage of their stock picks that were profitable each year

  4. the range of returns (the biggest winning pick and the biggest loser) each year,

  5. the OVERALL results of their picks year after year,

  6. and I will tell you how those picks are still doing today (HINT: the average return of their 72 stock picks from the last 3 years (2016, 2017, 2018 is +88.34%)

I will even share with you screen shots of my own brokerage account to prove to you my results of actually buying all of their stock picks from both services for the last 4 years.

I will also tell you 2 important trading tips about the Motley Fool services that I have learned over the years.  Two little facts that you must understand about their services in order to maximize your profits.

Why Did I Write this Motley Fool Review?

I will try not to bore you, but I think it’s important to tell you a bit about myself and why I felt the need to write this review.

My story is probably not too different from yours. I grew up in a modest household where everything we owned was paid for with hard earned money.

I watched my parents work their a** off (excuse my french).  They each worked 50+ hours a week to give our family the best lifestyle they could.  Unfortunately, my father passed away six years ago just after his 65th birthday. He worked hard his whole life and planned to enjoy his retirement, but he died within months of retiring.

My dad’s death taught be a valuable lesson–I need to start building my personal wealth NOW so I can retire early and ENJOY my retirement.

My Mission

To accomplish that, I set out on a mission to find the best and the fastest way to build my stock portfolio in a proven and low-risk way.

I started out by talking to people I thought were smart and wealthy, reading countless books and magazines, and subscribing to various stock newsletters and stock picking services.

To save YOU a lot of time, here is a summary of what I learned…

  1. The FIRST lesson I learned was definitely NOT to get stock tips from friends or chase rumors.  My friends didn’t know any more than I did.  But they sure acted like it, and they ended up costing me money and wasting my time.

  2. The SECOND lesson I learned was that the sooner you start investing the right way, the faster your account will grow.  It’s all about saving and investing a little each month, and the power of compounding.  So stop thinking about investing, and start investing NOW!  You will be surprised how quickly and easily your portfolio will start to grow.

  3. The THIRD lesson I learned was that not all stock newsletters are worth the money.  Over the last five years, I have subscribed to literally dozens of stock newsletters.  I have also subscribed to another dozen software and/or charting services that are supposed to give me signals of what to buy.  The truth is, most of them worked out just “OK.”  With most of the services I found that when the markets were up, my portfolio went up.  And when the markets were down, my portfolio went down too.  My goal was to BEAT the market, no just match the market.

Eventually, I did find a stock service that were able to consistently outperform the market year after year.  And by ‘outperform’….. I am talking about consistently beating the market by over 27% year after year!

…And that’s brought us both here so I can share my experiences with the Motley Fool Stock Advisor service.

So, let’s get started.

Everyone always ask me…

Is the Motley Fool Worth the Money?

Based on my experience over the last 4 years of buying every single one of their stocks picks, my analysis of their performance concludes absolutely YES!

The regular price of the Motley Fool Stock Advisor is $199 a year,.  Even at that price it is very inexpensive compared to other services.  But new customers can now subscribe for just $99 a year on THIS new subcriber page. At $99, it is absolutely a no-brainer given that the average return of their stocks picks is 88.34% (return as of December 21, 2019 for all of their picks from 2016, 2017 and 2018).  Each year, these stocks have outperformed the market by at least 27.40%.

Ok, let’s get into the details of the Motley Fool…


Just to whet your appetite, below are a few examples of their best performing stocks since they launched this service.  Did you buy Amazon, Netflix, Bookings, and Disney a few years ago to earn these 10,000% returns?   If you had subscribed to the Motley Fool Stock Advisor then you probably already own these 4 stocks!

motley fool review best stocks
motley fool stock advisor review

So, is the Motley Fool Stock Advisor worth it?

Given that their AVERAGE STOCK PICK is up 392% since they launched the service–the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES–if you subscribed a decade ago.

But more importantly for YOU, you should be asking “how have their stocks picks been doing the last few years?”  Given you already missed out on those 10,000% returns on those 4 stocks, how is it doing NOW?

Honestly, as to be expected, all of their picks are not profitable.  Some go up as soon as they are recommended and never look back.  Some go up just a few dollars and they seem to run out of steam.  And some eventually drift lower.  So the first thing you need to understand about the Motley Fool strategy is that they are focused on the longer term.  With some picks you might need to wait a few months before they start going up.  But the average return of their 72 stock picks for 2016, 2017, and 2018 is a very impressive +88.34%.

So, assuming you have some cash to invest each month, and you can let the money stay invested for a few years, it certainly seems like a very safe bet.

Also, here is another FACT that I like.  The 2 Gardner brothers that started the Motley Fool years ago still run the company and make the stock recommendations.  So, unlike other comparable stock newsletters, there has NOT been any change of management like you see at other advisory services.

This is an extremely important fact because you might find another newsletter that has also done well, but you never know who really is picking their stocks.  With the Motley Fool, the 2 same brothers that started this newsletter have been there since day and there is no reason to believe they are leaving their own company.


Motley Fool Stock Advisor Summary

Here’s What You Get:

  1. Two brand new stock recommendations and analysis per month delivered in real-time to your email.

  2. on the first Thursday of the month there will be a new stock recommendation from Tom Gardner

  3. on the third Thursday of the month there will be a new stock recommendation from David Gardner