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Tips And Ways For Safe Lead Paint Removal

All lead abatement and testing activities are ruled regulated and monitored closely by the EPA. It must be done by certified and trained firm always and before such acts are performed it is required to notify the EPA. Such information should be sent at least five business days earlier to the start of the lead removal process. There are a few instances when high blood lead levels are found in the occupants. In such an emergency situations you can start the work immediately but notifications for the same must be made no later than a day after the work starts.

The Notification Process

To ensure that you follow the proper Lead paint removal notification you must include in it the type of notification clearly mentioning whether it is original or updated. Also include in it the expected date of starting the activity and the expected date of completion. It should also contain your name, address, contact numbers and the certification of the performing firm. Also include name of property, project description, type of structure, location, units worked on, respective ID number, and copy of emergency order if any. It must also include name and EPA certification number of the supervisor, total square feet and signature of the firm.

Preparation To Abate

Whether it is a commercial or residential building to be abated if lead is found after Lead paint testing, the process remains the same. A light drizzle must be sprayed over the area and components and must be vacuumed carefully if necessary. All components must be wrapped 6 mil plastic sheeting. It must be then sealed with a duct tape. For windows take care there is no friction to generate extra dust. It is best to remove all window components. Replace the jamb after removal and if necessary remove the stop to replace it after stripping the jamb. Remove the contaminated portion of the kitchen cabinets along with all metal components. Cover the siding with plastic as well.

Follow The Rules

It is particularly important to follow the federal regulations during Lead paint removal and workers must be provided with proper PPE. According to lead abatement safety rule all lead abatement practices must be performed by EPA certified and trained personnel only. The PPE must include full body suits, hood, shoe covering, disposable coveralls, goggles, respirator, gloves, shoe covers.

Lead Abatement Methods

The methods for lead abatement methods include enclosure which is to cover the lead paint with wall covering. Replacement involves removal of door, windows and molding. Paint removal may lead dust and encapsulation is done to seal the affected area with a special coating. As per law avoid scraping, sanding without HEPA vacuum exhaust tool, open flame burning, sandblasting, using chemicals or uncontained high pressure wash.

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