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In the United States, the FDA regulates all cosmetic products that are intended to be sold and used within the US. In addition, the state of California has its own requirements that go beyond the rest of the united state’s regulations.

We provide assistance for both United States-based and non-US-based companies with FDA certification registration who wish to sell cosmetics products in the United States and the state of California.

Cosmetic Labeling Requirements and Ingredient Reviews

The FDA has strict laws regarding both ingredients and labeling of cosmetic products. Some cosmetics are even classified as drugs, making the requirements even stricter and more difficult to comply with. Cosmereg can assist you in FDA cosmetic labeling and ingredient compliance by cross-referencing your labeling against the Code of Federal Regulations, the Federal Register, the VCRP Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary, the FDA Labeling Manual, and more. Since the State of California has even stricter rules governing cosmetics, we provide special services for those wishing to sell products in California.

Cosmetic Color Additive Regulation Compliance

In the U.S., all color additives-including dyes, pigments, or any other substances that add color to a cosmetic product-are subject to regulation by the U.S. FDA. Cosmereg offers assistance helping you to meet the standards and file for cosmetic color additive and color batch certification from the FDA. Our team can prepare reports on the specific requirements, lend guidance on protocol, and help you file for certification to help the process go more quickly and smoothly.

US FDA Detention Assistance

If a cosmetic product is imported to the United States, but is found to be noncompliant with FDA regulations, FDA Compliance Officers/FDA US agent at the U.S. Port of Entry may detain it. This is to ensure the health and safety of U.S. residents.

If you need immediate assistance with a FDA detention, we can work with you to solve the problem so the product can move past the Port of Entry and into the intended recipients’ hands. If you need a product added to a Green List or removed from a Red List, we can help you.

Cosmetics Certificate of Registration

United States suppliers often require third-party verification of registration, this regulation comes under the cosmetic regulations USA. Cosmereg can help provide a third-party Certificate of Registration to verify your United States FDA registration,helping to build trustworthiness in the eyes of your suppliers and your customers.

Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program

Cosmereg can assist you with all United States cosmetics regulations, providing conformation to the industry that you’re fulfilling United States FDA registration requirements, including reporting required by the California Safe Cosmetics Program and the United States FDA VCRP (Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program.)

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USA FDA Cosmetic Regulations – Consulting

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