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What Are Voicemail Drops and How Can I Use Them in My Business? 

What if you could save time in your marketing strategy? What if you could utilize your resources for the things that matter most and streamline your processes to cut down on unnecessary interactions? What if you could attract more of your desired audience with minimal effort? If all of these imagined scenarios sound good to you, the good news is that they can become a reality. All you need to do is start utilizing voicemail drops for your marketing strategy. In this guide, we will look deeper into what voicemail drops are and how they can be used to your advantage in your business. 

What are voicemail drops? 

Voicemail drops are voicemails that are sent to recipients without the need for a call. To better understand this concept, consider the normal calling process. You have to reach out to those on your call list, wait for their phone to ring — and potentially speak with the customer in the process — then leave the voicemail once you reach their answering machine. Rather than having to undergo this time-consuming process each time, voicemail drops utilize technology to send pre-recorded messages to the voicemail box without having to make the traditional call that precedes the voicemail. 

What can voicemail drops do for your business? 

Voicemail drops are a highly-effective marketing strategy and provide benefits to your business because of the current state of call marketing. Marketing through calling is still alive, but the problem with actively maintaining a call list is that many people have caller ID and will not answer the phone. Statistics actually estimate that around 80 percent of phone calls that are made go to voicemail as a result of being rejected or ignored. That means that there are a lot of voicemails that you are already leaving potential or current customers. 

For the business, voicemail drops are major time savers. Going through the process of calling and leaving messages for each of the members of your call list is just too time-consuming, even with the use of current call technology. Even more problematic, this will often require the attention of your physical employees, which takes away from the service they could be giving to customers who need to speak with them. By using voicemail drops, you save time by simply dropping off these messages and waiting for the customer to reach out to you. 

For customers, voicemail drops have benefits, as well. Let’s face it: having to manually call someone to pitch a product is not an enjoyable process for anyone. Customers can often feel harassed by receiving marketing calls and will often reject or ignore these offers. A voicemail message that doesn’t cause their phone to ring, however, is a less invasive way of getting the information to them. They are more likely to listen to these voicemails and will appreciate that they don’t have to swat away calls left and right. If they want to then respond, they can without having to speak to anyone first. 

Where do I start? 

Starting to implement voicemail drops into your marketing strategy is as simple as reaching out to a high-quality provider who can get you set up with the right technology and knowledge. Once you have all of your systems in place and understand the process, just record a high-quality, informational voicemail script, make sure that your marketing strategy has been realigned and your call list has been set up, and begin dropping off those messages. Ringless voicemails save businesses time and money all while allowing them to reach more customers without having to annoy them with unsolicited calls. Given these reasons — and many others — it’s no wonder why so many business owners have implemented this marketing strategy. 

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