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What is ISO 27001 And Its Importance?

ISO 27001:- ISO Registration in Coimbatore

In this current digital world, it is extremely important for companies to have the stringent measures in place to ensure the safety information and data in both electronic and the paper mode. ISO 27001 is an international certification which provides guidance on the ways and means to maintain and implement the information security management system (ISMS). Regardless of the number of employees, any company can get this certification. These kind of companies are very efficient and grow quickly because customers rely on them more as they know their personal and the confidential data like credit card details and the bank account particulars have been fully secured with the company.

What is ISO 27001 and why is it so important for organizations?

In General, most of the organizations and businesses may have some form of controls in place to manage the information security. These types of controls are mandatory since information is one of the valuable assets that a business owns. Effectiveness will be measured by how well these controls are organized and monitored.

Most of the organizations introduce the security haphazardly and some organizations provide a specific solution to the specific problems while others are often introducing simply as a matter of convention. A random security policy may address only certain aspects of IT or data security and may leave the valuable non-IT information assets like proprietary knowledge, paperwork is less protected and vulnerable. The ISO 27001 standard has been introduced to address these issues.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO/IEC 27001 specified a management system which is intended to bring the information security under explicit management control. Being a formal specification means that it mandates specific requirements. Organisations which claim to adopt ISO/IEC 27001 can be formally audited and certified compliant with the standard.

Organisation’s information security risks are examined systematically by the account of vulnerabilities, threats, and impacts.

Design and implement a coherent and the comprehensive suite of information security controls and/or other forms of risk treatment (such as risk avoidance or transfer) to address those risks which are deemed unacceptable.

Adopting the overarching management process to ensure that the information security controls can continue to meet the organization’s information security needs on an on-going process.

Business benefits of ISO 27001:

The business benefits of ISO 27001 are considerable because it not only ensures a business security risks been managed cost-effectively, but the adherence to the recognized standards send a valuable and important message to the customers and business partners.

ISO 27001 is invaluable for monitoring, maintaining, reviewing and improving a company’s information security management system and will unquestionably give partner organizations and customers great confidence in a way they interact with the business.

Characteristics of ISO 27001:

It is a de-facto international standard for information security management.

A clear commitment to information security been demonstrated to third parties and stakeholders;

It can provide a framework to ensure a fulfillment of contractual, commercial and legal responsibilities;

It provides a competitive advantage and can effectively be a license to trade with companies in certain regulated sectors.

It provides interoperability between the organization and groups within the organization.

It can provide compliances with or certification against, a recognized external standard can often be used by the management in order to demonstrate due diligence.

Solubilis approach:

Our foremost step with the clients is to carry out a gap analysis of the organization against the clauses and controls of the standard. This actually provides us with a picture of the areas where companies already conform to the standard, the areas where there are some controls in place but there is a room for the improvement and the areas where controls are missing and needs to be implemented.

By following with the gap analysis and the debrief, it would be necessary to provide the additional assistance by way of guidance, advice and project management for the implementation of suitable controls in order to qualify for the documentation that may be required to meet the standard, in preparation for any external certification.


Can get new business and retain the existing customers;

Protect and enhance the reputation;

Comply with the legal, contractual and business regulatory requirements;

A need for frequent audits can be reduced;

Obtain the independent opinion about the security posture;

Avoid the financial losses and penalties associated with data breaches;

Manages and minimizes the risk exposure;

Allows the secure exchange of information;

Consistency in the delivery of service or product;

Customer satisfaction can be increased and improves the client retention;

What type of industries wants ISO 27001?

Any type of industry from small to large organization is qualified to get ISO 27001. This standard is well suitable where the protection of information is critical such as in financial, banking, health, public and IT sectors. This standard is also applicable to the organizations which manage high volumes of information on behalf of other organizations such as data centers and IT outsourcing companies.

Need for this specific certification:

This standard is to safeguard and secure your critical information from being breached or hacked or destroyed by an unauthorized person. One must understand that organization’s most important asset is nothing but the information which when leaked or lost would have a hugely adverse effect on their revenue.

How to get this?

The standard needs to be implemented in the organization and have to be compliant with all the required necessary standard procedure and to have all the requirements in the management practices and perform internal audit twice in a year and finally gets cleared the external audit and obtain the certification. For to complete the above-mentioned things, you need a business consultant who can guide you clear all the steps and your audit.

What is ISO 27001 And Its Importance?

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