When Might You Prefer Shade Material To Window Film?

While we are principally known here at Stockfilms for the WINDOW FILM on which we have built our industry-leading reputation for more than 40 years, you may also be interested in our selection of shade material, which can represent an excellent window film alternative for certain needs.

Specifiers and end-users alike may opt for shade material instead of Automotive Window Films for applications where privacy is sometimes desirable, and sometimes not.

Our own shade material enables rooms to benefit from natural light, while still reducing the amount of unwanted heat and glare experienced by occupants, thereby also making it a potentially more suitable solution than fabric shades.

We offer different shade material options for different needs

When you are choosing between our shade material, you may be mainly attracted to our Bronze/Bronze option, due to its bronze appearance that helps to give a room a neutral colour, combined with an extra layer of silver metalised polyester between the films for superior heat rejection. Despite the latter feature, the overall appearance to the glass is still a low-impact one.

However, the very fact that silver reflects away more heat than a neutral appearance may mean that if you desire the very greatest solar control, it is our Bronze/Silver shade material that you purchase. The silver used on this product’s exterior face also provides enhanced privacy looking in.

Alternatively, why not consider our Grey/Grey shade material when you wish to minimise its visual impact in the room? Again, however, an additional layer of silver metalised polyester is used between the films to maximise the product’s heat rejection capabilities.

Finally, we can also offer Grey/Silver shade material that significantly reduces glare, but which also still enables good visibility inside looking out. When you are seeking a product that will reflect a high amount of solar energy outside to save energy and make your buildings’ occupants more comfortable, it is difficult to envisage a better option than this.

Stockfilms can be your trusted window film specialists

Whether you are seeking OPX Window Films or a similar solution for all manner of external and internal glass surfaces for which you have responsibility, there’s little need to look further than Stockfilms. Why not call our team today, on 020 8441 0449, to receive a quote better than you can expect to find anywhere else?

When Might You Prefer Shade Material To Window Film?

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