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3 Coins to Watch in Spring 2019

These days, there are way too many cryptocurrencies around. You can’t even hope to keep an eye on all of them — each day there is yet another ICO and yet another “altcoin.” One would have thought that we are way beyond that wave of the hype, what with the ICO crisis of 2017, but apparently not.


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And yet, even now there still are worthwhile projects that are genuinely interesting. However, they are so easy to miss that most of them never get any hype. To rectify that, JustForex and Bitcoin Vietnam News are bringing you a Top-3 of coins to watch this spring.

Zilliqa (ZIL) — 404 Times Faster Than Current Blockchains

Launch date: January 25, 2019

Launch price: 0.00381 USD

Current price: 0.0185 USD (+385%)

Zilliqa is a high-throughput blockchain platform designed by an international team of Blockchain professionals. The idea is to build a highly scalable system that won’t suffer from same scaling issues Bitcoin and Ethereum did.

The biggest trick Zilliqa has in its back is scaling. Unlike any other cryptocurrency on the market, it increases the throughput with the network size. So while 1 800 nodes can provide only 1 200 transactions/second, 2 400 nodes are capable of 1752 t/s. The returns are diminishing, but it is still well beyond the current solutions.

During its original test run, Zilliqa achieved the speed of 2828 transactions/second — while Bitcoin is theoretically capable of only 7 and generally caps at 5. This makes Zilliqa at least 404 times faster than the current market leader and earns it some commendations. However, this was only a test.

In late February Zilliqa intends to launch a full-scale main net with optimized security mechanisms. According to the statements of the company’s CEO, the new “safe smart contracts” will revolutionize Blockchain and finally resolve the hacking issue so damning for the other small blockchains.

Of course, every promise in crypto should be divided by hundred. Still, Zilliqa deserves a second look.


Launch date: September 13, 2017

Launch price: 0.00205 USD

Current price: 0.0271 USD (+1222%)

Tron is designed by the owners of BitTorrent — the most popular file-sharing software. The idea is to combine the token with the BitTorrent network and reward the content sharers with cryptocurrency while developing an own blockchain for industrial needs.

The plan is to move all 100 million BitTorrent users toward the Tron — and vice versa, once the Tron starts to take off. The company intends to begin it with some generous airdrops. The first one will come on February 10, 2019.

The problem is, of course, in the details. While Tron does own BitTorrent trademark and the official BitTorrent/uTorrent client, they do not own the protocol or the network it utilizes. Instead, both are open-source under the modified OSI license, and most participants use third-party software for torrenting — like qBittorrent or Transmission.

Survey of 13,823 readers’ preferred BitTorrent clients in May 2015. Do note that since then uTorrent allowed for aggressive in-app advertisements and lost a lot of community support. Source: Lifehacker.

It’s highly unlikely that the developers of the open-source software will be up for Tron integration, so the company’s ambitious plans might not correlate with the harsh reality. Still, TRX is backed up by a strong code base and an original business plan. There are all the chances that it is going to crash and burn in the long run, but it still deserves your attention in Spring 2019.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Launch date: July 25, 2017

Launch price: 0.10 USD

Current price: 7.01 USD (+6900%)

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges with 313 000 daily users and 6 billion USD daily volume. And now they are launching their own token, based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. BNB will be implemented in the company`s own Binance chain and will be used to pay for the Binance services.

The chain itself will be launched in February 2019 and reach its full potential by the end of Q1. Binance is putting a lot of stock into this project, with the CEO Changpeng Zhao describing it as a move from “company” to “community.”

Among other features, Binance DEX chain will bring a new universal wallet and a more economic payment method utilizing BNB. It is also promised to be very secure and decentralized, but that’s hardly original.

Overall, Binance Coin is going to be interesting — even if doesn’t reach mass adoption levels, there are a lot of Binance users that will be using it to reduce their transaction overhead. We may not be talking worldwide success, but you should not disregard it either.


The cryptocurrency market in spring is going to be particularly fun, with lots of newcomers and updates to the current leaders. One might say that right now is a good time to invest and start hodling for your life.

However, it is too early to say — the memory of January 2018 and “100 000 USD by the end of the year” remains vibrant. So, maybe, patience is a virtue, and you should wait until the forecasts are a little clearer. Especially since there is another method of making money on crypto.

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