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Digital Marketing Tech Tips For Self Starters

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, starting your own business is an endeavour all your own.  You may accept some help from paid professionals, but overall you like to do things yourself. 

Marketing in today’s business industry is much different than it was just two decades ago.  The internet rules the roost of consumer connectivity, and your marketing efforts aren’t the best until you embrace digital marketing. 

Take the moments you have right now to learn a little about how to take your organization’s digital marketing efforts to the next level.  Here is a quick look at some of the most efficient ways to use the internet to market your product/service. 

Build a website slathered in SEO

Start by educating yourself on the concepts of search engine optimization.  You can’t build anything on the internet that actually matters unless you can build content that ranks high in the SERPs (search engine results pages). 

Build your website on a reliable platform like WordPress, but don’t sell yourself short.  Learn how to use WordPress the way it is intended, and you’ll have an influential end product. 

Learn Google’s various search algorithms, and begin to understand the inner workings of the web.  Once you understand what Google looks for within the details of your digital build, you can craft a website that makes an impact on the right population of users. 

Harness the power of social media

Social media accounts for millions of hits per day, and you need to be a part of all the action.  Find ways to harness the power of social media, and integrate those techniques as you build new content for your business. 

Add social media sharing icons to your website design.  Make sure to place the sharing icons in strategic locations for maximum impact on passing users. 

Reach out to mobile web users

Mobile web users are the majority online.  Creating content that doesn’t suit the majority is just dumb.  You aim to serve the masses, and mobile web users are the masses.

Spend time researching what design techniques matter most to mobile web presentation, and design all of your content to present well on today’s most popular mobile devices. 

Gather your email rolodex

Email marketing is still a very relevant form of communication with target consumers.  Use your business website to present users with the opportunity to opt-in on your email mailing list.  Use your mailing list to regularly touch bases with targeted consumers.

Stay as relevant as the rest of the web

The internet is an ever-changing entity of our world, and your digital content will have to change regularly too to keep up the pace.  You’ll likely have to hire someone specifically to maintain your digital presence, but the job must be done. 

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