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Emerging Trends in IT Corporate Training

The first and foremost of them is Bite Sized Learning. Today many corporate training services are being modeled on this and it is all about switching to micro training services in shorter bursts rather than spending hours upon lengthy hours in the training rooms. This is to deal with the shrinking attention spans of youngsters today and to incorporate different learning styles. Instead of lengthy presentations, online training tools and mobile are also being used to deliver courses remotely, rather than forcing the students to sit through lengthy classroom sessions. There are periodic group discussions to tap the progress of the learner as well as it becomes easier to learn throughout the year, rather than just one watertight course that spans a month and gets over, without leaving scope for updates.

IT corporate training is also a lot about Gamification. Yes, organizations are developing games specifically meant to instill knowledge while playing a video game. These are specially designed training games which reduces monotony, improves competitiveness through rewards and yet keeps the employee entertained and charged, rather dreading a training session as is mostly the case. Moreover, traditional classroom corporate training has again started to focus anew on the science of learning. The training organizations are actually relying on neuroscience to develop the most effective learning environments and programs and there is a renewed stress on scientifically backed concepts and modern experimental learning. The training techniques have been proven to be effective after being scientifically tested and implemented and it definitely yields results.

Currently, there is a stress on competency- based programs in the AWS corporate training scenario, and instructors are doing away with the concept of making the learners learn just for the sake of it. Rather, the organizations are going that extra mile to identify the areas in which am employee is competent in by analyzing their job performance and are motivating them to acquire new skills that will further hone their abilities, making them the master of their trade, rather than being the Jack of all! The training content is also being regularly updated and once all the various trends are tied together, depending upon a particular workplace, there is no reason why the employees will not excel as is clearly seen from the company’s growth.

Emerging Trends in IT Corporate Training

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