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How to Make Money on The Web

Learning how to make money online is a game changer for your life. The reason is in the extreme numbers of people who are online all around the globe, every second of every day. The 1st important secret is to understand the web market.

The Internet market is not a mass market. Mass marketing used to be the key on television and radio, however if you pay very close attention those mediums have gone to niche marketing too. For instance, watch your favorite show and write down each product spoken about on the commercials. With your completed list, find the market by age, sex, and interests. That is the big key about how to make money online.

Your first step is to identify a market that you want to profit from online. Once you have the market completely identified by age, sex and interest, then you can figure out different products that your niche market would be interested in purchasing.

Starting with a list of your top 3 products, you now look for the products online. Try Amazon and other online stores where you can sign up as an partner and send people to your specific product pages. The more surfers from your specific niche that visit the product page, the more chances of you getting a sale and the commission.

At this point you should be an affiliate of an online sales site. You have a URL of each sales page with the specific products you want to publicize. Now you must advertise those pages online to bring your niche market to them.

You can then choose various ways to attract visitors like writing a blog that is all about the specific life style of the niche market. For instance if I were selling tennis balls, I would not write blog entries about tennis balls, but I would write about tennis attire, tennis etiquette, tennis tournaments, etc. These articles would interest my market.

Within the blog you would then make four or five mentions or recommendations about your three products that are tennis related. How to make money online is that you would connect those phrases to your tennis ball page and the likewise with the other products.

The more interesting your content in the blog, the more visitors your blog will receive. The more visitors to your blog, the more visitors to your product pages, and the more visitors to your product pages, the more tennis ball buyers you convert. Conversion is the term that is equal to the number of sales divided by the number of visitors.

How to make money online is very easy because all you need to do is sell a specific target market the types of products they want. There are ways to figure out what products they want by studying Google Key Words, by researching eBay’s hot products and other free available information that is online.

How to make more money online is to become a accomplished blog writer that offers your niche market something interesting to them and valuable enough to them to keep your market coming back. How to make money online then becomes a numbers game. The more visitors you attract, the more sales you will receive.

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