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Overview of Six Sigma Black Belt Consulting

Six Sigma is a widely utilized approach to help organizations stay ahead of competition, Advance Innovation Group has been working with various organizations helping them improve performances and hence increase customer satisfaction, ensure customer retention and reduce their operating costs.

There are several process improvements methodologies utilized by the industry to drive improvements, these concepts have evolved with time, but most of them are based on Gut or intuition which becomes a question for the organization, whether to dependant on people’s Gut?

Executives of several top companies viz GE, Honeywell, Bank of America etc embrace and advocate Six Sigma methodology, no other process improvement methodology has got such support by the top leadership of numerous organizations.

The answer is one of the simplest but most powerful Six Sigma concepts: that the outputs of a process are the result of the inputs to that process. In Six Sigma, you’ll find this mentioned that the “Y is a function of X” where Y is a dependant output (Y) [or the problem] which relates to independent inputs or independent process variables (Xs):

Y = f (X1,X2,X3,…)

This equation holds true universally, at the organizational level as well: any output (Y), such as profit, growth, or ROI, is dependent on the process variables ‘Inputs’ (Xs) such as quality, lead time, offering attractiveness, non-value-add cost, delivery time etc., that go into it. In order to improve the results ‘Outputs’ we see (“drive the Y” in Six Sigma parlance), we have to discover and focus on the critical Xs that affect that Output.

There’s a deeper meaning to this equation that organizations learn to appreciate the more they get involved in Lean Six Sigma. It’s not just that “Y is a function of some Xs”-but that it’s our job to identify the Xs that will really improve the Y.

Want to increase profits? What inputs do you have to affect to do that? Want to improve quality of one of your services? What are the central inputs to the work that impact quality the most? We at Advance Innovation Group with our experience and expertise have helped organizations identifying these inputs and work on them to improve the outputs.

The more that management appreciate this equation, the more mature they get start to change their behaviour and approach. They no longer simply call for a 10% improvement in results. Rather, they support Lean Six Sigma efforts, so, people can study and improve the processes that produce the expected improved result. Six Sigma Black Belt consultants at Advance Innovation Group come with great technical expertise and experience around Six Sigma that comes through their sincere efforts in studying and diagnose the issues/concerns of the organizations they have worked for and hence given them significant ROI.

Overview of Six Sigma Black Belt Consulting

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