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Reason Why You Must Buy a New Digital Camera

They just look at things a little differently maybe. At an unprecedented rate, Camera manufacturers are releasing new camera models. To convince customers they should upgrade their cameras, before the advent of digital cameras, it was harder for Kodak, Sony, Canon, Nikon or Kodak to come up enough new features. So they didn’t.

However, things have definitely changed today. Digital cameras with remote camera control mean firmware upgrades, image stabilization, more megapixels, software menus, face recognition, memory cards and LCD screens.

Without software and CPU’s, these are all features driven by or completely impossible. Meaning, that they’re actually little miniature computers that just happen to take pictures cameras are not just cameras anymore.

We all know how often computers become upgraded and obsolete. On the brain trust that runs companies like Sony, Canon, Kodak and Nikon, that lesson certainly hasn’t been lost. OK, maybe a little lost with Kodak, but I digress.

Digital Camera is Canon PowerShot A2100

You’ll find the Canon PowerShot A2100 as digital camera is easy to handle and the feature buttons easy to navigate if you’re a novice with digital cameras. On top with over 10 shooting options, you’ll find a mode dial and the power button.

The shooting options include a Movie Mode, Auto Mode, a Program Mode, and Easy Mode. Other popular scene modes in addition to that, have also been added (for settings not used as frequently such as the Aquarium, Sunset and Snow, settings, Indoor, Portrait, a SCN choice and Landscape).

The mode dial is in fact quite easy to navigate although it may look a little complicated. The mood for a picture can be changed by all these landscapes depending on the local geographic conditions, like mountains, ocean, city, and country.

Only 1.9 seconds is the time interval between the first shot and startup. With a 2.7 second shot-to-shot time, Successive shots can be taken.

For a camera of its class, these speeds are pretty decent. When using the flash, the lag time increases a little and between shots, increases lag time to 6.9 seconds. The shutter lag in bright lighting conditions on the Canon PowerShot A2100 is 0.6 second and in darker lighting conditions, 0.9 second.

A directional pad and buttons are featured at the back of the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS camera. In in blue and white the buttons are labeled (while shooting images, white indicates the control options and while you are on playback mode blue is indicated).

All in all, a stylish little entry-level compact camera is the Canon PowerShot A2100 IS. It is a very good buy due to excellent photo quality, reasonable price tag and the easy controls. The camera accessories are available online.

At great prices, there is a plethora of good used digital cameras available with the rapid fire release of new digital cameras. For a few years ago, I had paid dollars to buy a couple old digital cameras like my Canon PowerShot s40 which are now sitting at home. Today they still work brilliantly, and are mind blowing to use.

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