The Best Stock Newsletters + Weekly Updates thru November 16, 2019

There are so many stock newsletters out there, our readers ask us all the time which is the best stock newsletter for the money.


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While you could waste thousands of your own dollars (and several years) subscribing to various stock newsletters to find out which one is consistently the best, we decided to do it for you and share our results with you. Did your stock portfolio outperform the market by 30% in 2018, by 22% in 2018 and by 63% in 2016?

If not, then you should keep reading to find out which is the best stock newsletter.

We now subscribe to a few dozen stock market newsletters and we make their recommended trades in our virtual trading accounts. Most of these stock newsletters recommend 1 to 5 stocks a month.  Regardless, we buy all of the recommended stocks in their respective virtual trading accounts.  While all of the newsletters tell you what to buy, most don’t comment on when to sell.  So we place 8% stop loss orders on all of the positions.

The Best Stock Newsletter

As to be expected, none of the stock newsletters we subscribe to has a perfect track record for all of their picks.  Month after month we see that every service has a few good stock picks and a few bad picks.  One service, however, outperformed all of the rest for 2018 by a wide margin.

It also happened to be our best stock newsletter for 2017 and 2016 too. That’s consistency.

And it also happens to be the least expensive of all the newsletters we subscribe to. That’s value!

Our top performing newsletter for 2018 and (2017 and 2016) was the best for several reasons:

(All calculations are as of November 16, 2019.)

  1. 75% Success Rate. Our best performing stock newsletter made 24 recommendations throughout 2018.  As of November 16, 2019, 18 of those stock picks are up and 6 are down for a 75% accuracy rate. So if you buy a stock newsletter, don’t expect every stock to go up. But the overall return of these 24 stocks from our best newsletter of 2018 is now up 46% compared to the SP500’s 16%. That’s impressive!

  2. Many of their stocks picks tripled or doubled since they were recommended. In fact, this one stock newsletter has an excellent history of picking many stocks that double or triple each year. Its 2018 top stock picks were up 303% (OKTA), 155% (PAYC), 82% (ZS), 146% (SHOP), 63% (FICO), 109%, etc.

  3. 2019 Recommendations off to Strong Start too. See the 2019 Case Study below where I document the performance of each of their 2019 stock picks. One of which, TWLO, is up over 59% in 60 days.

So which newsletter am I talking about? Our best performing stock newsletter for 2018 (and 2017) was …:

This newsletter releases 2 stock picks a month, or 24 per year.

The final reason this is the best stock newsletter is that it also happens to be the cheapest service of all the ones we subscribe to.  Last year they charged $199 a year but they recently changed their pricing model…

You can now click this link to TRY THEIR SERVICE FOR JUST $19.

How will our this top stock newsletter from 2018 perform in 2019?  No one knows for sure.

But it looks like they are off to an excellent start already. In fact, one of their January 2019 stocks is already up 59% (as of November 16, 2019).  Read the Case Study below where I detail each of their 2019 picks for more information.

Let me show you four recent examples of their stock picks.  In fact, I now have so much confidence in this service that I now buy all of their recommended stocks in my ETrade account as soon as I get their alerts.  Take a look at the CASE STUDY below as I document my experience for 2019 in my real brokerage account…

CASE STUDY (updated November 16, 2019):

  1. On January 3rd, 2019 this service recommended Twilio stock (ticker is TWLO).  I received an email at 1:31 pm ET saying BUY TWILIO.

  2. When I received the email, the stock was trading about $83, down from the previous close of $86.97.  All of the markets were down big that day and I didn’t want to buy it right away.

  3. TWLO closed at $81.25 that day and I thought I was smart by not buying it.

  4. The next morning, January 4th, the market was up big and I realized I forgot to buy any TWLO.  By the time I got my order in, the stock was already up $7 to $88.

  5. I bought 22 shares at $88.01 on January 4th as you can see below from my ETrade Confirmation.  I typically buy $1,000 to $2,000 of each recommendation in my real account as you can see…

Best Stock Newsletter Example Trade
  1. This stock has continued to go up over the last few weeks. As of Friday, February 8th, 2019 TWLO closed at $114.78 for a profit for me of $583.95 on an investment of just $1941.21.  That’s a 30% return for in just 30 days.  And that 30% is with me buying the stock at $88.01.  Had I bought the stock at $83 at the time of the recommendation I would be up 38%!  Take a look at pic from my ETrade account as of the close on Friday, February 8, 2019….

Best Stock Newsletter Example