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The Breakout

Tagged: , fiction , infrared , tree , fence , sky , surreal , for the record… i just made up this story… right now, this morning, sitting here with Flickr , all i had… from yesterday… were the first two sentences , and this picture… which, i believe, was the first one i ever took with the IR filter , this is exactly the kind of story i used to write when i was a kid , the bucolic-farm-as-horror-show motif is hardly new or fresh , but it’s one i’ve always related to!! , i have no idea if this story even makes sense… it’s so hard to judge when they’re freshly hatched , but this is my DAY OFF! , and i promised myself that… as soon as I had an actual day off… i would try to clear some of the verbal clutter out of my brain , now if i can just find time and opportunity to clear out the visual clutter… , i swear… once i get a photo idea in my head, it really needs to come out… otherwise, it’ll fester and abscess and that’s just no fun for anyone

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