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The Importance of Fire Safety In Oman

Most people neglect to realize how quickly a fire can spread, and the severity of the ordeal. In order to prevent fires from occurring, both residential and commercial buildings need to incorporate fire safety systems that have been approved by a fire safety consultant Muscat and by the Royal Oman Police.

According to the ROP, it is essential that building and business owners adhere to the recommendations they have given regarding prevention. These recommendations include updating outdated fire systems, having periodic safety checks performed by a licensed fire expert in Oman, and having all properties audited. Although this seems like a lot to have done, it is standard procedure, to ensure that the building is safe for the people and items within it.

The law states that all commercial and residential buildings need to be equipped with some type of fire safety system. These systems include basic necessities, such as smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers, just to name a few. Sporadic checks are consistently being performed on properties within the area, to ensure that all safety precautions are adhered to, in the event that a fire were to commence.

Most newer buildings that fire safety consultant Muscat individuals inspect are already equipped with all of the equipment that is required to prevent and slow down a fires blaze. However, a lot of older buildings throughout Oman do not have the proper systems in place. New laws that have since been passed after the construction of these infrastructures make it mandatory that such systems need to be installed. The strict enforcement of authorities is causing many business owners of older buildings to install the necessary equipment that is being asked that they obtain.

What Fire Safety Systems Are Needed In Oman?

Landlords are required to have fire safety systems installed in both new and old buildings. The systems are checked by fire safety consultant Muscat experts based in Oman. The primary focus is on buildings that have a high number of people residing in them. It is vital that any and all existing fire systems are maintained appropriately and they continue to function optimally.

There are three things that fire consultants check for in new and old infrastructures. These fire prevention devices include: alarms, hose pipes, and fire extinguishers. Alarms are basic, and are usually installed in the ceiling of the facility. They range in price, and based on the size of the building, multiple alarms will need to be installed.

Hose pipes are not a common thing that business owners think about when being told to safeguard their buildings from fires. A hose is defined as a high-pressure hose that is used to carry water or other type of fire retardant foam to extinguish a fire. If the hose is located outdoors, it will attach to a fire hydrant or fire truck. Hoses indoors, will attach permanently to the plumbing system of the building.

These high power hoses are vital for businesses to carry. The pressure of the hose accompanied with the fire retardant that is used can help extinguish a blaze quickly. The hoses pressure ranges from 116 to 290 p.s.i. It seems as though these hoses would be more effective at extinguishing a blaze then a typical fire extinguisher.

However, extinguishers, are another fire prevention tool that is to be included in a prevention plan. Fire consultants will check to ensure that there are enough fire extinguishers available to extinguish small fires. The extinguisher will need to be checked periodically, usually every month or every three months, to ensure that it is functioning correctly. It is up to the business owner to assign this task to one of their workers, or perform the checks themselves.

Fire Consultants In Oman Discover Hundreds of Prevention Violations

Statistics state that there have been three hundred sixty one violations of fire safety protocols in Oman, during the first quarter of 2012. Basically, within the first three months of 2012, fire safety consultant Muscat officials discovered over three hundred instances where proper precautions were not being exercised in public buildings in Oman.

Upon discovering a violation, there are several steps that the department will need to take to ensure the problem is rectified immediately. The first thing that is done once a violation is found, is the department will place levy fines on the property. They will also stop the facility from operating, until the issue has been rectified accordingly. If a building owner refuses to comply and fix the issues that have been noticed, then the issue is escalated to a public prosecutor.

Landlords are usually the individuals that get bashed about the safety of a building being inadequate. Muscat Municipality officials believe that the implementation of fire safety measures should be a joint building effort, and not solely fall on the landlords list of responsibilities. Tenants as well as landlords need to be aware of what the measures are.

Any tenants interested in renting a building space should check that all fire provisions for the building have been met. This will eliminate headaches for both parties. It would be horrid to rent out a piece of office space, just to have a fire safety consultant Muscat come in and find fire safety issues. The business would be closed down, until the landlord can rectify the issue. This can be detrimental to individuals that rely on their businesses for their wellbeing.

The municipality is not involved directly in checking fire systems within the buildings of Oman, but they do issue licenses once clearance has been given by the ROP. Therefore, it is safe to say that both parties work closely together to ensure that the buildings within their city are safe for all occupants.

The main reason why the inspections are done in the first place is to identify and rectify any safety deficiencies that a building could possibly possess. Landlords need to ensure that they adhere to all of the provisions that have been set up for fire safety measures. Proper safety systems should be installed before any businesses safety should be taken seriously. A skilled PACDA/ROP approved fire protection consualtant will be able to help you out with safeguarding your property from danger.

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