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The Magi Of Fireworks That Wins Customers

It’s amazing how much do we know about the things we have never used and on contrary, how little we know about things we use on the daily basis. Our goal, of course, is not to prove that this is bad or good. Instead of dividing these facts into moral categories like this, we are going to offer you some fan facts about the thing, we are sure every one of the reader uses at least 2 times a year – firecrackers.

Any type of firework is just like magic, chemical magic and firecrackers are not the exception. If you want to make advanced magic tricks, you need to know how they work. So, if you want to amaze your audience next time they come to see the magic of fireworks, use this knowledge to turn your show into something even more amazing.

  1. Regulations: each and every country has regulations on firework usage and mostly all of them are different. This applies to any type of firework and not only firecrackers. While these laws are different from place to place, there is one rule that is same for almost every country – purchasing firecrackers (and any other type of fireworks) is not allowed until you are 18. Magical tricks you can do with fireworks are wonderful, but most of them are not totally risk-free, that’s why these regulations are necessary.

  2. Sound and firecrackers: this particular type of fireworks are famous for their noise. Noise is amusing in a way, but it really depends on how loud it is. Firecrackers can be a lot louder. How loud the firecracker is, depends on its size and chemical consistency of its powder.

  3. Shape: fun thing about firecrackers is that they could potentially come in every shape possible. Nowadays, most of them are in a shape of tube, but you can also find irregular shapes, such as circle and triangle.

  4. Chemicals: as we know, every firework has unique chemical consistency. Pretty much everything – sound, color, brightness, size – depends on what’s in there. The main component of firecracker powder is so called black powder.

Theoretical and practical knowledge can fulfill each other. If you want to have the most amazing firework show, or if you just want to be safe from any harm and damage, use both kinds of knowledge. Make sure you are familiar with the laws and rules your country, state or city has. That’s not all, remember to always read instructions, no matter how many time you have used the same firework before, because some things may change and you should be aware of them.

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